ACLR is a great way to further your legal education and to achieve your professional goals. ACLR offers:

1. The Annual Survey of White Collar Crime. The Annual Survey is the definitive reference work in the white collar crime field. Each staff member helps to update and revise the Annual Survey. This means that everyone will have a guaranteed publication credit by the end of next year. Membership on ACLR means that your work and your name is in a compendium that sits on the desk of thousands of practitioners nationwide.

2. Featured Online Contributor Program . ACLR offers members an alternative method to fulfill the Note requirement. This Program allows participants to comment on current events in criminal law.

3. Leadership Experience. ACLR is student-run and among the most prestigious and well-respected journals in the United States.

2L members graduate from staff editors to team or senior editors at the start of their 3L year. These positions allows our senior members to distinguish themselves and develop expertise. ACLR staff members are exposed to a breadth of legal scholarship and gain practical writing and management skills recognized by legal employers everywhere. Social events and training sessions make ACLR a true community of like-minded and supportive students, working together toward a worthy goal.