Volume 58, Number 1 (Winter 2021)

Lead Article

Sham Subpoenas and Prosecutorial Ethics
Ira P. Robbins


Gamesmanship and Criminal Process
John D. King

The Innocence Checklist
Carrie Leonetti

Justice Undone
William S. Laufer & Robert C. Hughes


Restitution and the Excessive Fines Clause
Nathaniel Amann

Shifting the Blame? Re-Evaluating Criminal Prosecution for Employers of Undocumented Workers
Rachel Sumption

Immigration v. Religious Freedom in Trump’s America: Offering Legal Sanctuary in Places of Worship
Lydia Weiant

Volume 57, Number 4 (Fall 2020)

Symposium: Women’s Rights in the Criminal Justice System

Letter from the Editor

Letter from the Editor
Abbe R. Dembowitz


Women and Sentencing
Judge Nancy Gertner


The Trans Panic Defense Revisited
Cynthia Lee

Deconstructing the Statutory Landscape of “Revenge Porn”: Evaluation of the Elements That Make an Effective Nonconsensual Pornography Statute
Jonathan S. Sales and Jessica Magaldi

Can You Be a Feminist and a Criminal Defense Lawyer?
Abbe Smith

Promise Amid Peril: PREA’s Efforts to Regulate an End to Prison Rape
Brenda V. Smith


Shootings, Security, and Articulable Suspicion: Rethinking the Standard for National Security as a Special Factor Preventing Bivens Recovery
Mae Ann Dunker

Duren, Pope Francis, and the Death Penalty: How Catholics Can Render the Capital Jury Selection Process Unconstitutional
Dan Villalba

Volume 57, Number 2 (Spring 2020)


Public Corruption Prosecutions as Financial Crimes under Federal Criminal Law: Targeting the Illicit Use and Misuse of Public Assets and Resources
Thomas M. DiBiagio

Haymond‘s Riddles: Supervised Release, the Jury Trial Right, and the Government’s Path Forward
James Horner

Caring About Corporate “Due Care”: Why Criminal Respondeat Superior Liability Outreaches Its Justification
Robert Luskin

Judicial Drift
Elizabeth Nevins-Saunders


Not Guilty, Yet Continuously Confined: Reforming the Insanity Defense
Bailey Wendzel

Volume 57, Number 1 (Winter 2020)


Time and Punishment: How the ACCA Unjustly Creates a “One-Day Career Criminal”
Aliza Hochman Bloom

A Game of Katso and Mouse: Current Theories For Getting Forensic Analysis Evidence Past the Confrontation Clause
Ronald J. Coleman and Paul F. Rothstein

The Concept and Federal Crime of Mortgage Fraud
Matthew A. Edwards

Declining Corporate Prosecutions
Brandon L. Garrett

Compelled Decryption & State Constitutional Protection Against Self-Incrimination
David Rassoul Rangaviz


“Shadows” Cast By Jury Trial Rights on Federal Plea Bargaining Outcomes
Andrew Delaplane

Volume 56, Number 4 (Fall 2019)


Self-Defense Without Imminence
Fritz Allhoff

The Biased Algorithm: Evidence of Disparate Impact on Hispanics
Melissa Hamilton

Is Mass-Incarceration Inevitable?
Andrew D. Leipold

Grounded on Newly Discovered Evidence
Paul Mogin

Criminal Law and Cooperative Federalism
William Partlett

Defining the Proper Role of “Offender Characteristics in Sentencing Decisions: A Critical Race Theory Perspective
Lisa M. Saccomano

The Temptation of Scapegoating
Daniel B. Yeager


Cruel, Unusual, and Unconstitutional: An Originalist Argument for Ending Long-Term Solitary Confinement
Merin Cherian

Reproductive Healthcare for Incarcerated Women: From “Rights” to “Dignity”
Samantha Laufer

Pandora’s Algorithmic Black Box: The Challenges of Using Algorithmic Risk Assessment in Sentencing
Leah Wisser

Volume 56, Number 2 (Spring 2019)


Rape Shield Evidence and the Hierarchy of Impeachment
Rosanna Cavallaro

Regulation by Prosecutor
Gregory M. Gilchrist

Young Adults & Criminal Jurisdiction
Kevin Lapp

The Wild, Wild West: The Right of the Unhoused to Privacy in their Encampments
Carrie Leonetti

Nomos and Nullification: A Coverian View of New York’s Habitual Offender Law, 1926 to 1936
Caleb J. Stevens

Lewd Stings: Extending Lawrence v. Texas to Discriminatory Enforcement
J. Kelly Strader & Lindsey Hay


The Fundamental Right to Sexual Autonomy in Prison
Yaniv Kot

Confess or Die: Why Threatening a Suspect with the Death Penalty Should Render Confessions Involuntary
Lauren Morehouse

A Roadmap for Comprehensive Criminal Justice Reform to Employ Ex-Offenders: Beyond Title VII and Ban the Box
Claire Ashley Saba

Volume 56, Number 1 (Winter 2018)


AEDPA as Forum Allocation: The Textual and Structural Case for Overruling Williams v. Taylor
Carlos M. Vázquez

The Puzzle of Inciting Suicide
Guyora Binder and Luis Chiesa

Solving the Problem of Criminalizing the Mentally Ill: Thee Miami Model
C. Joseph Boatwright II

Liability for Mass Sexual Abuse
Tsachi Keren-Paz and Richard W. Wright


“Life with the Imposition or Exacerbation of Severe Mental Illness and Chance of Death”: Why this Distinct Punishment Violates the Eighth Amendment
Elena De Santis

150% Wrong: The Prison Litigation Reform Act and Attorney’s Fees
Eleanor Umphres

Volume 55, Number 2 (Spring 2018)


How to Make Criminal Trials Disappear without Pretrial Discovery
Darryl K. Brown

To See and Be Seen: Reconstructing the Law of Voyeurism and Exhibitionism
Stuart P. Green

A New Mens Rea for Rape: More Convictions and Less Punishment
Kari Hong

Day Fines: Reviving the Idea and Reversing the (Costly) Punitive Trend
Elena Kantorowicz-Reznichenko

Reliability of Dying Declaration Hearsay Evidence
Timothy T. Lau

The Heat of Passion and Blameworthy Reasons to Be Angry
Jonathan Witmer-Rich


Adequate Representation: The Difference Between Life and Death
R. Rosie Gorn

A Double Standard in the Law of Deception: When Lies to the Government Are Penalized and Lies by the Government Are Protected
Bonnie Trunley