Volume 20

Letter from the Editor

by Luke Bunting

Dear Reader,

The Georgetown Journal of Law & Public Policy is dedicated to promoting, exploring, and critiquing conservative, libertarian, and natural law perspectives on law and public policy. To that end, our journal maintains a strong relationship with the Georgetown Institute for the Study of Markets and Ethics (“GISME”), culminating each year in our publishing of the papers from GISME’s annual symposium. This issue marks the tenth year of our partnership, and we continue to be thrilled by the quality and diversity of opinion presented in our Special Issues.

Consistent with our focus on public policy, our partnership with GISME gives us access to authors from other academic disciplines, such as economics and philosophy. This issue focuses on free speech, a topic that could not be more timely given recent events on Georgetown Law’s campus and across our nation. While all of the articles discuss significant legal issues, some of them do so with a nonlegal focus. We believe the thoughtful and varied perspectives in this Special Issue are valuable additions to the national conversation on free speech rights.
We hope you enjoy them.

Luke Bunting
Editor-in-Chief, Volume 20

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