Letter from the Editor 

Luke Bunting


Inconvenient Federalism: The Pandemic, Abortion Rights, and the Commerce Clause 

Thomas J. Molony

Non-Textualism and the Duck Season-Rabbit Season Dramaturgical Dyad: A Response to Professor Cass Sunstein (and others)

Seth Barrett Tillman

How Independent is Too Independent?: Redistricting Commissions and the Growth of the Unaccountable Administrative State

Jason Torchinsky and Dennis W. Polio

The Second Amendment was Adopted to Protect Liberty, Not Slavery: A Reply to Professors Bogus and Anderson 

Stephen P. Halbrook

“Light Him Up”: Addressing the Dangerous Intersection of Traffic Stops and Consent 

Geoffrey S. Corn

The Clean Water Act and the Void-for-Vagueness Doctrine 

Paul J. Larkin

Following in the Footsteps of Fair Pay: The Case for Exempt “Time Transparency” and the Mandatory Disclosure of White-Collar Work Hours

Jennifer Haskin Will

Litigation by Ambush: The Struggle to Obtain Fair Notice of OSHA Allegations 

Arthur G. Sapper


Minority Party Need Not Inquire: Revisiting the Executive Duty to Respond to Congressional Oversight Authority 

Tina Seideman

Restoring the Proper Role of the Courts in Election Law: Toward a Reinvigoration of the Political Question Doctrine 

Kate Hardiman Rhodes

Presidential Pandemic Powers: The President the Founders Gave Us for the Era of COVID-19

Haley Peterson Denler

Preserving Faithful Execution: An Examination into the Original Meaning of the Take Care Clause and the Measures to Preserve It 

Sophia Shams