Volume 21, Issue 2 (Summer 2023)


Letter from the Editor

Philip H. Devoe

Symposium: Ensuring Democratic Accountability in the Administrative State

The Constitutionality of Acting Principal Officers: Can Eaton and Edmond Be Reconciled?

Thomas A. Berry 

Unconstitutional Federalism: A Call to Reinvigorate the Appointments Clause

Lucas T. Vebber

Exploring Democratic Accountability in the Administrative State

Joshua Ulan Galperin

Assessing Visions of Democracy in Regulatory Policymaking

Shoba Sivaprasad Wadhia and Christopher J. Walker

Constitutional Chevron: Domains of Congress and Courts in Remedies for Unconstitutional Administrative Structures

Ronald A. Cass

Ratification of Rules as Retroactive Rulemaking

Michael A. Poon

An Expanded Version of OIRA Can Ensure Democratic Accountability in the Administrative State

Richard J. Pierce, Jr.

Presidential Signature Requirements as a Tool for Enforcing Democratic Accountability

Alison Somin 


The Right to Rage: Free Speech and Rage Rhetoric in American Political Discourse

Jonathan Turley 

Ruan v. United States: An Important Ruling or Merely Sound and Fury?

Paul J. Larkin 

Freedom of Speech and the Common Law: A Contrarian Perspective

John Hasnas 


Into the Weeds of the Third Amendment: Constitutional Protections for At-Home Marijuana Use

James Bernstein 

Federal Versus State Antitrust Enforcement: Furthering Competition Through Cooperation

Ingrid Ulrika Jernudd

Red Herring History: An Analysis of Why Dobbs is Not Originalism

Jennifer Simon 

Whose Constitutional Authority Is It Anyway? Nondelegation, the National Emergencies Act, and the International Emergency Economic Powers Act

Rachel Jessica Wolff