Institute for Technology Law & Policy

The Tech Institute is a hub for policymakers, academics, advocates, and technologists to study and discuss how to center humans and the social good, using technology as a tool. We train the next generation of lawyers and lawmakers with deep expertise in technology law and policy and provide non-partisan insights to policymakers on issues relating to new and emerging technologies. With the leading academic program for law and technology in the United States, we also foster interdisciplinary approaches to solving complex technology law and policy problems. The Tech Institute also identifies and creates opportunities for technology to improve access to justice.

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In today’s legal landscape, the well-trained lawyer needs to understand the ways that technology and law increasingly intersect — and be comfortable with the digital tools that are shaping twenty-first century practice.

Degrees and Certifications

More than ever, lawyers and policymakers need a deep understanding of technology. Georgetown Law developed two new academic programs, a Master of Laws (LL.M) in Technology Law & Policy and a first-of-its kind, Master of Law and Technology (M.L.T.) for non-lawyers.

Experiential Learning

Georgetown Law students are not only familiar with contemporary policy debates; they also learn how to code, have written legislative proposals, and submitted briefs to the Federal Circuit, FCC, and FTC.

Civil Justice Data Commons

The CJDC project aims to connect the highly fragmented landscape of the civil justice system into a secure, robust repository for legal data.