Bridging the Computer Science–Law Divide

With generous support from the Public Interest Technology University Network (PIT-UN), researchers from the Georgetown University Institute for Technology Law & Policy and Boston University’s School of Law and Faculty of Computing and Data Sciences present this report compiling practical advice for bridging Computer Science and Law in academic environments. Intended for university administrators, professors in computer science and law, and graduate and law students, this report distills advice draw from dozens of experts who have already successfully built bridges in institutions ranging from large public research universities to small liberal arts colleges.

The Ethical Reuse of Data in a Machine Learning World

The result of a workshop hosted in October 2017 by the Institute for Technology Law & Policy, this report summarizes the presentations and reflections of leading experts from academia, computer science, government agencies, public interest groups and private companies identifying and confronting the ways in which big data and machine learning appear to be challenging traditional legal, ethical, and attitudinal approaches to limiting the reuse of data.