AI Governance Series: Brazil’s Draft AI Bill

February 3, 2023

Watch the recording of a conversation between experts regarding Brazil's recent draft AI bill.

As a continuation of the ongoing AI Governance Series presented in conjunction with the Wikimedia/Yale Law School Initiative on Intermediaries and Information, we hosted the two ranking members of Brazil’s expert committee on AI regulation. The Senate-appointed committee held numerous public hearings and received input from industry, civil society, and academics. The draft bill it prepared as a result of that process covers transparency, copyright, discrimination, and individual rights. It seeks to learn from proposals in the U.S. and the European Union to design a model of its own that is fit for the social and legal reality in Brazil. Our panelists explored those questions from different perspectives.



  • Justice Ricardo Cueva, Superior Court of Justice, Brazil
  • Laura Schertel Mendes, Senior Visiting Researcher at the Goethe-Universität Frankfurt am Main


  • Anupam Chander, Scott K. Ginsburg Professor of Law and Technology, Georgetown Law
  • Marcela Mattiuzzo, Visiting Fellow, Information Society Project, Yale Law School


  • Artur Pericles, Wikimedia Fellow at the Information Society Project, Yale Law School