AI Governance Series: “Toward Human-Centric AI: The Japanese Model”

April 8, 2022

This is our latest installment of the AI Governance Series, entitlted “Towards Human-Centric AI: The Japanese model”, co-hosted by the Yale Information Society Project, the Georgetown Institute for Technology Law and Policy and the Georgetown Global TechNet Working Group. Following the panels of “The Geopolitics of Chinese AI” and “The Geopolitics of European AI”, this panel will focused on the Japan’s initiatives in AI Governance, learning about the policies and guidelines as well as some projects on AI and robotics which Japan is advanced in this area from leading experts in Japan. The structure of the panel involved each panelist giving a brief presentation followed by QAs. It was moderated by Kyoko Yoshinaga, Non-Resident Senior Fellow of the Georgetown Institute for Technology Law and Policy. Our panel included Susumu Hirano, Professor and Dean, Faculty of Global Informatics, Chuo University; Hideaki Shiroyama, Director of Institute for Future Initiatives, Professor of Graduate School of Public Policy, The University of Tokyo; and Toshie Takahashi, Professor, School of Culture, Media and Society/the Institute for AI and Robotics, Waseda University.

View more information about both the event and AI Governance Series here.