The Institute partners with leaders in the field to ensure that civil and democratic rights remain an essential part of any question about technology. The Institute regularly hosts events on election integrity, disability rights, and the essential role of individual rights in any conversation about privacy online.

September 26, 2020 - Tech Institute Policy Analyst Presents at "Let's Talk Learning Disabilities" College Readiness Conference on Digital Access for Students with Disabilities

Tech Institute Policy Analyst II, DeVan Hankerson Madrigal and Lydia X.Z. Brown, Policy Counsel, at the Center for Democracy and Technology (and former Institute Associate) were co-presenters for the Let’s Talk “Learning Disabilities” ( “LTLD” ) College Planning and Transition Conference held from September 26th to September 27th. The LTLD conference, designed specifically for neurodiverse learners and educators teaching students with disabilities is one of only a few of its kind. Hankerson Madrigal and Brown’s joint session titled, “Ensuring Digital Access for Disabled Students: Policy and Practice for Advocates in the Pandemic” discussed basic accessibility teaching strategies that support students with disabilities in their full legal rights to have meaningful access to education. The discussion highlighted that students with disabilities are less likely to be able to access online content as it is often inaccessible. The presenters also raised concerns about students of color with disabilities who experience negative educational outcomes due to the intersecting harms of the digital divide during COVID and pre-existing marginalization related to their specific disability.