Institute for Constitutional Advocacy and Protection

The Institute, based at Georgetown University Law Center, draws on expert litigators, novel litigation strategy, and the constitutional scholarship of Georgetown to vindicate individuals’ rights and protect America’s constitutional way of life.

At the heart of the Institute is its litigation work. The courts remain a critical venue in which constitutional claims can be vindicated, and the Institute uses that venue by bringing its own constitutional challenges, working with partners to do so, filing amicus briefs, and supporting others’ efforts to litigate on behalf of constitutional rights and values. In an era when constitutional discourse, including in the context of litigation, tends to be politically polarized, the Institute offers vital understandings of the Constitution and its protections that draw on scholarship and a wide range of practical experience, including extensive service in the Federal Government.

Critical constitutional dialogue also occurs outside the courts and in the public square. The Institute uses public education to inform and elevate that dialogue so that the public can understand what the Constitution says, why it matters, and how today’s political developments fit in. Through direct engagement with the public in sponsored events as well as through writing and speaking about the Constitution, the Institute heightens and grounds today’s constitutional conversation.

The Institute also plays a key role within Georgetown University Law Center by involving law students in the Institute’s work. Through a practicum seminar, law students offer key legal research and drafting to the Institute’s litigation efforts. Additionally, the Institute provides litigation support to other centers and institutes within Georgetown University Law Center.