3/4/2024 – Lawyers Who Conceived and Executed the 2020 Fake Elector Scheme Agree Not to Participate in a Similar Scheme in Any Future Presidential Election

12/6/2023 – Wisconsin’s 2020 Fraudulent Electors Acknowledge Their Votes Were Used in Effort to Undermine a Presidential Election, Settle with Plaintiffs

10/29/23 – Current and Former Army Officers File Legal Brief Supporting National Security Need for Diversity in Lawsuit Attacking Race-Conscious Admissions at West Point

7/10/23 – Disabled Veteran Files Lawsuit Against N.C. City and Police Officers Who Forcibly Arrested Him, Tased His Service Dog, and Engaged in Retaliatory Online Harassment Campaign

3/21/23 – South Carolina State Conference Files Suit to Expand the Free Guidance for Low-Income Tenants Facing Eviction

10/17/22 – New Mexico Court Enjoins New Mexico Civil Guard From Publicly Operating as a Military Unit or Acting as Law Enforcement

8/26/22 – Oklahoma Court of Criminal Appeals Issues Opinion Narrowing Scope of Anti-Protest Law

5/17/22 – Wisconsin Voters File Suit Against Fraudulent Wisconsin Electors

5/16/22 – Baltimore Police Agree to Track Fee Waiver Requests and Disclose Records to Settle Public Records Lawsuit

5/6/22 – ICAP Welcomes Rupa Bhattacharyya as its Special Litigation Counsel

4/28/22 – Georgetown Law’s ICAP and the States United Democracy Center Release A First Amendment Guide to Aid Law Enforcement Agencies’ Efforts to Counter Bigotry and Extremism Within Their Ranks

2/17/22 – Bipartisan Group of 63 Current and Former Prosecutors, Justice Department Officials, and Judges Call on Attorney General Garland to Scale Back Juvenile Life Without Parole, Create New Committee to Review Potential Juvenile Life Sentences

2/15/22 – Bipartisan Group of 45 Current and Former Prosecutors, Justice Department Officials, Urge SCOTUS to Take Case, Provide Guidance on Constitutional Limits to Solitary Confinement

2/7/22 – Court Tosses Out Trump-Era “Passport Rule” For Diversity Visa Applicants

11/15/21 – District Attorney Raúl Torrez Files Petition Against Facebook as Part of Civil Suit Taking on Far-Right Extremism

10/20/21 – Lawsuit Filed Against New York City Officials for Violating Abolition Park Protesters’ Civil Rights and Destroying Their Property

8/30/21 – Oklahoma State Conference NAACP Challenges Law Meant to Chill Peaceful Demonstrations

7/30/21 – U.S. Soccer Federation Has Obligation to Treat Women’s and Men’s Sports Equally, Georgetown Law’s ICAP Tells Court

3/5/21 – Disability Rights Groups and Idaho Legislature Enter Into Consent Decree Assuring Ongoing Access During Current Legislative Session

2/15/21 – 73 Criminal Justice Leaders Back Landmark NJ Policy Limiting Local Entanglement in Federal Immigration Enforcement

2/10/21 – Criminal Justice Reform Advocates File First Amendment Lawsuit Against N.J. Police Detective

9/29/20 – 68 Current and Former Prosecutors and Justice Department Officials Urge Fifth Circuit to Allow Lawsuit Challenging Texas Man’s 26-Year Stay in Solitary Confinement to Proceed

9/22/20 – Fact Sheets on Unlawful Militias for All 50 States Now Available from Georgetown Law’s Institute for Constitutional Advocacy and Protection

7/29/20 – Georgetown Law’s Institute for Constitutional Advocacy and Protection Launches New Toolkit to Prevent Violence at Protests and Rallies

7/13/20 – ICAP Teams with Bernalillo County District Attorney Raúl Torrez in Civil Suit Against Private Militia Group

5/5/20 – New Lawsuit Claims CARES Act Intentionally Discriminates Against Immigrants by Excluding U.S. Citizen Children of Immigrant Parents from Benefits of Emergency Cash Assistance

3/30/20 – National Civil Rights Organizations Take Legal Action to Protect People Locked Inside St. Louis Jails

2/19/20 – Federal Lawsuit Filed Challenging Hamblen County’s Wealth-Based Bail Practices

2/14/20 – Wise County Sheriff’s Deputy Settles Federal Lawsuit and Issues Written Apology for Tackling Middle-Schooler

10/23/19 –  34 Current and Former Prosecutors, Judges, and Justice Department Officials Urge Eighth Circuit to Review Solitary Confinement Practices

10/15/19 –  ICAP Scores Big Win in Court in Major Immigration Case

10/7/19 –  Pittsburgh Journalist Files Suit Challenging Ban on Audio-Recording Bail Hearings

10/3/19 –  80 Prosecutors and Law Enforcement Leaders: “DACA helps us keep communities safe”

9/24/19 –  Lawsuit Challenges Trump Administration’s New Passport Requirement for Diversity Visa Lottery Applicants

9/16/19 –  Georgetown Law’s Institute for Constitutional Advocacy & Protection and CASA Seek Court Order to Block New “Public Charge” Rule

7/23/19 –  “Talking Feds” Podcast Features ICAP Team, Mueller Preview and More

7/8/19 –  36 Current and Former Prosecutors, State Attorneys General, and Justice Department Officials File Brief in Fifth Circuit Decrying Prosecutorial Misconduct

5/2/19 –  Local Journalist Sues Baltimore Court Officials Demanding Access to Audio Recordings

4/15/19 –  Georgetown Law’s ICAP Files Amicus Brief Arguing Arkansas’s Anti-BDS Law Violates First Amendment

4/9/19 –  ICAP Submits Letter on Behalf of Amelia McDonell-Parry Notifying Local Court Officials of Her Intent to Use Courtroom Audio on Upcoming Podcast

4/1/19 –  Georgetown Law’s ICAP files amicus brief for House of Representatives arguing against Census citizenship question

3/8/19 –  Georgetown Law Hosts “Challenges to Rule of Law in America”

2/11/19 –  Georgetown Law’s ICAP files amicus brief on behalf of House of Representatives arguing against Census citizenship question

2/8/19 –  85 Current and Former Prosecutors and Law Enforcement Leaders File Brief in 11th Circuit Calling for Bail Reform

1/30/19 –  More Than 80 Current and Former Prosecutors and Law Enforcement Leaders Call for Bail Reform in Legal Filing

12/31/18 –  ICAP Defends Church’s Right to Oppose Construction of Border Wall on its Land

11/13/18 –  Georgetown Law’s ICAP Files Brief in Support of CNN Case Against President Trump

10/19/18 –  As Trump Defends Blocking Critics on Twitter, ICAP Argues for First Amendment Protections in the Digital Age

10/10/18 –  Prosecutors and Law Enforcement Leaders Call for an End to Cash Bail in California

9/14/18 –  50 Former Justice Dept. Leaders, Prosecutors and Judges Join ICAP Brief Urging Resentencing For Juvenile Offender

9/13/18 –  Former Officials Denounce Trump Administration Use of Distorted Terrorism Statistics

9/11/18 –  First Amendment Prohibits ICE from Retaliating Against Immigrant Rights Activists, ICAP and Partners Argue

7/12/18 –  “Unite the Right” Organizer Jason Kessler Settles Charlottesville Lawsuit; Pledges No Repeat of Organized, Armed Activity

5/16/18 –  Three Private Militia Groups Agree in Settlement with ICAP Not to Return to Charlottesville to Engage in Coordinated Armed Activity During Rallies and Protests

5/2/18 –  Second Alt-Right Organization Agrees in Settlement with ICAP Not to Return to Charlottesville to Engage in Coordinated Armed Activity During Rallies and Protests

4/5/18 –  In Brief on Behalf of 44 Former Prosecutors and DOJ Officials, ICAP Urges Supreme Court to Review Louisiana Murder Conviction After Prosecutors Failed to Disclose Key Information

3/23/18 –  ICAP Challenges Retaliatory ICE Deportations as Violating the First Amendment

3/20/18 –  In New Brief Coauthored by ICAP, Law Enforcement Leaders and Prosecutors Defend DACA

3/8/18 –  ICAP Asks Supreme Court to Restore Veterans’ Whistleblower Protections

3/1/18 –  ICAP Helps the City of Gary to Resist Major Legal Challenge to “Welcoming City” Policies

2/8/18 –  Preventing Another Charlottesville: ICAP Releases Catalog of Tools Available to All 50 States

2/2/18 –  ICAP Files Lawsuit Challenging Statewide Extortion Scheme That Jails Impoverished Oklahomans

1/30/18 –  33 Prominent Prosecutors and Police Sound Alarm, in New Brief by ICAP, on Justice Department’s Anti-Sanctuary Cities Stance

1/3/18 –  ICAP Welcomes DOJ Veteran Doug Letter as Senior Litigator and Visiting Professor of Law

12/14/17 –  Trump’s Anti-Muslim Tweets at Odds with First Amendment, Leading Faith Groups Charge in Letter Sent by ICAP

12/5/17 –  Ex-DNI Clapper and Other Leading Cybersecurity Experts Argue in Brief Filed by ICAP that White House Data Collection Makes U.S. Elections More Vulnerable

11/29/17 –  In New Brief by ICAP, Prosecutors and Policy Say Justice Department’s Anti-Sanctuary Cities Stances Endangers Communities

11/21/17 –  ICAP Files Brief on Behalf of Law Enforcement Officials Assailing Money Bail System as Contrary to the Constitution and Public Safety

11/6/17 –  ICAP Files Amicus Brief Arguing that Trump’s Use of Twitter Violates the First Amendment

10/12/17 –  ICAP Sues to Prevent Paramilitary Groups’ Return to Charlottesville

8/9/17 –  All-Star Legal Team Launches ICAP at Georgetown Law