Center on Privacy and Technology

Privacy is not a luxury. It is a fundamental right under threat from both government and corporate surveillance, especially for historically marginalized people. Through research and advocacy, we challenge that surveillance and work towards a world where privacy protects everyone.

  • We undertake rigorous, long-term investigations. We don’t want to react to the policy cycle. We want to create it. Our home in the academy gives us the time and resources we need to do that.
  • We pair research with action. Our proposals help legislators and affected communities enact transformational privacy and civil rights reforms. We advocate for those ideas alongside the nation’s leading grassroots and civil rights organizations.
  • We highlight the color of surveillance. Most privacy debates don’t touch on race, class, or power. We unearth and expose the disparate impact of surveillance and amplify the voices of the people being watched.
  • We educate the next generation of privacy advocates. We train law students to collaborate with computer scientists, engineers, and others. Through that work, they develop a more nuanced view of how technology, law, and society interact.