Georgetown Law and the Center on Privacy & Technology will partner with Distributed AI Research Institute and the Center on Race & Digital Justice to host the Color of Surveillance Conference at Georgetown Law. This year’s theme is Surveillance/Resistance. The conference will include a series of workshops and will be anchored by two plenary sessions led by  Timnit Gebru and Safiya Noble. 

New this year!

We are accepting proposals for workshops and “festival stops” (interactive booths). Apply here.

What’s a workshop? 

Workshops will be up to 1-hour interactive sessions in which participants have an opportunity to learn about, create, discuss, or debate issues relating to the conference theme. Workshops could include things like digital self defense, a mock court argument, creative projects, visioning sessions, fireside chats, etc. Workshops may run once during the conference or multiple times. 

What’s a festival stop?

A festival stop is a stationary location where conference attendees can participate in a project or experience an offering. Possible festival stops could include a table at which participants learn how to apply face-recognition-blocking makeup, a booth selling anti-ALPR clothing, an art installation, a collaborative mural…or many other things! Festival stops will be installed at the beginning of the conference and run/be available to attendees throughout the conference. 

What support can I expect if my proposal is accepted?

We will support proposals with travel to D.C. and lodging for those located more than 50 miles outside of Washington, D.C., and meals, plus a modest honorarium. To the extent funds are required for materials (i.e. paints, A/V, etc.), please flag in your proposal and we will discuss with you. 

How do I submit? 

Use this form.