The Legal First Aid trainings Navigators received satisfied their training goals: to address gaps in client service, improve their clients’ outcomes and provide more services and resources to clients. 94% of Navigators experienced significant Legal Capability improvement (Legal Knowledge, Self-Efficacy and Confidence) as a result of Legal First Aid training. 67% of Navigators use their Legal First Aid skills at least sometimes, and at almost half used the training at least most of the time, three months post-training.

The top three legal areas addressed by Navigators with their clients are (1) Housing, (2) Family Issues or Intimate Partner Violence, and (3) Public Benefits.

Navigator Voices

Thank you for providing a wealth of helpful information regarding the Justice Navigators role and responsibilities. I enjoyed learning about the different initiatives as well as the different legal resources in the community.”

“The training was very helpful. I appreciate all your efforts to bring Legal First Aid to Charleston.”

“We look forward to being an advocate to the Legal First Aid program.”

“I had a chance to use my Justice Navigator skills the other day. Very exciting!”

“Thank you for the opportunity to be part of First Legal Aid. I am READY!”

Deb Mihal, Director of the South Carolina Justice Navigators Network, poses with newly trained Justice Navigators