1/6 -7/2020, Data Sovereignty on the Digital Silk Road: GULC Profs. Chander, Sunder, Cohen & international academics and experts discussing issues of IP, artificial intelligence, trust & safety, digital trade, and more in the context of international governance.

11/3/2021: Towards Inclusive Digital Trade: Data, Development and Trust, Keynote Ambassador Katherine TAI, USTR, Speakers, Anupam Chander, and Alvaro Santos

1/18/2022: Ten Years after SOPA/PIPA Blackout: Keynote, Jimmy Wales, Wikipedia Founder, Anupam Chander, Allie Funk, Technology and Democracy, Freedom House, Konstantinos Komaitis, Internet Policy Fellow at the Brave New Software Foundation, Vivek Krishnamurthy, Samuelson-Glushki, Professor of Law, University of Ottawa, Rebecca Mackinnon, VP, Global Advocacy, Wikimedia Foundation

AI Governance Series

4/2/2021: Launch of AI and Governance Series: AI and Municipalities co-hosted by Georgetown Global Technet and Yale ISP, Professor Sheila Foster moderated a panel on AI for municipalities, featuring Dr. Ann Cavoukian, Albert Fox Cahn, and Professor Ellen Goodman.

5/7/2021: AI Governance Virtual Symposium: AI Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility” with Yoko Arisaka, General Manager, Legal Section, Legal Department, Sony Group Corporation, Erika Brown Lee, SVP, Assistant General Counsel, Global Privacy & Cyber Advocacy, Privacy & Data Protection, Mastercard, and Jutta Williams, Staff Product Manager ML Ethics, Transparency and Accountability (META), Twitter

5/28/2021: AI Governance: How Do We Regulate AI? Comparative Perspectives” Panelists includes Chinmayi Arun, Resident Fellow at the Yale Information Society Project, Jessica Rich, Distinguished Fellow of the Georgetown Tech Institute and Former Director of the Bureau of Consumer Protection at the Federal Trade Commission, Lucilla Sioli, Director Artificial Intelligence and Digital Industry, European Commission. The discussion will be moderated by Prof. Anupam Chander of Georgetown University Law School

6/18/2021: Watching Algorithms: The Role of Civil Society” with: Julia Angwin, Editor-in-Chief and Founder, The Markup; Iverna McGowan, Europe Director, Center for Democracy & Technology; and David Ronbinson, Visiting Scientist in the AI Policy and Practice Initiative, Cornell College of Computing and Information Science

9/24/2021: AI Governance Virtual Symposium Series: AI Classification Frameworks and AI Accidents! Catherine Aiken and Helen Toner from the Center for Security and Emerging Technology will be discussing how to classify Artificial Intelligence, focusing on the new OECD framework, and the risks that can arise when accidents happen with these different kinds of AI.

10/29/2021: AI’s Role in Addressing and Exacerbating Climate Change, moderated by Jackie Snow

1/21/2022: AI Governance Symposium: The Geopolitics of Chinese AI, Anupam Changder, Simon Chesterman, Jeffrey Ding, Kendra Schaefer, Samm Sacks

2/25/2022: AI Governance Series: The Geopolitics of European AI, moderated by Nikolas Guggenberger, the Executive Director for Yale ISP. Our panel includes Vigjilenca Abazi, an Assistant Professor of European Law at Maastricht University, Przemyslaw Palka, an Assistant Professor of Law at Jagiellonian University, and Kirsten Rulf, Head of Unit for Digital and Technology policy and Nerd-in-Chief at Federal Chancellery of Germany

4/8/2022: AI Governance Series: “Toward Human-Centric AI: The Japanese Model”, moderated by Kyoko Yoshinaga, Non-Resident Senior Fellow of the Georgetown Institute for Technology Law and Policy. Our panel included Susumu Hirano, Professor and Dean, Faculty of Global Informatics, Chuo University; Hideaki Shiroyama, Director of Institute for Future Initiatives, Professor of Graduate School of Public Policy, The University of Tokyo; and Toshie Takahashi, Professor, School of Culture, Media and Society/the Institute for AI and Robotics, Waseda University.

10/7/2022: AI Governance Series: A Conversation With Max Schrems, panel of experts include Max Schrems and Anu Bradford, the Henry L. Moses Distinguished Professor of Law and International Organization at the Columbia Law School, Professor Anupam Chander, the Scott K. Ginsburg Professor of Law and Technology at Georgetown Law; Mehtab Khan, the Resident Fellow and the lead for the Yale/Wikimedia Initiative on Intermediaries and Information; and Nikolas Guggenberger, Assistant Professor at University of Houston Law Center and founding member of this series.

10/21/2022: “Management of Ethical AI: The State of the Art”, moderated by Dennis D. Hirsch, Professor of Law at The Ohio State University Moritz College of Law, joined by John Basl, Associate Director, Northeastern Ethics Institute; Ilana Golbin, Director of Emerging Technology & AI, Global Responsible AI Leader, PwC; Irina Raicu, Director of the Internet Ethics program at the Markkula Center for Applied Ethics; and Michael Akinwumi, Chief Tech Equity Officer at NFHA.