Center for Innovations in Community Safety

We specialize in implementing and evaluating cutting-edge, evidence-informed programs that build safer communities and help dismantle the toxic legacy of racial discrimination that continues to distort law and policy in in the United States. We focus also on teaching, writing, convenings, and research that increases understanding and support for innovative approaches to community safety.

We bring together many of the nation’s top experts on criminal justice and policing, including several members of the Georgetown Law faculty. We will continue our efforts to transform policing through ground-breaking programs such as our ABLE Project and our Police for Tomorrow Fellowship.

At the same time, we are also expanding our work aimed at ending overreliance on policing and incarceration to fix society’s ills—an overreliance that has caused unnecessary harm in communities across the nation and undermined public safety. Through these efforts, CICS will demonstrate how alternatives to the status quo can reduce policing harm and help communities thrive.

Our expertise and experience with law enforcement agencies gives us unique insight into the role police might play in this modern approach to community safety.

We will carry out our work at the campus, District, regional, and national levels. We are excited to continue to work with Georgetown Law students on these issues, and to continue our collaborations with the broader University and with other law schools in the DC area and across the nation.