Law Enforcement Visit and Talk with Incarcerated Individuals

Police for Tomorrow Fellow Evan Douglas at D.C.'s Department of Corrections

Police for Tomorrow Fellow Evan Douglas at D.C.’s Department of Corrections

Officer Evan Douglas was inspired to pursue his capstone project because his personal and professional life experiences have made him empathetic to incarcerated individuals.

Officer Douglas wanted his fellow officers to gain a different perspective, which led him to organize a visit to D.C.’s Department of Corrections, where he facilitated a conversation between the Police for Tomorrow Fellows and incarcerated individuals of the Correctional Treatment Facility.

By using restorative justice practices, this meeting was able to help the Fellows gain empathy, build trust, and rethink the relationships between law enforcement and the community.

The powerful discussions led the DC Metropolitan Police Department to incorporate this visit  and discussion program into the Police Officer Training Academy’s curriculum.