Certified ABLE instructors may access additional, instruction-focused resources via the Instructor Portal.

The video below provides a 30-minute overview of ABLE. Find additional video resources on the ABLE Project YouTube channel.

The ABLE Fact Sheet provides an overview of our mission, the history behind ABLE, and the programs we offer to law enforcement agencies that join ABLE.

The ABLE One Pager and the ABLE Two Pager provide brief introductions to the program.

ABLE-certified law enforcement agencies working to update their policies to align with the ABLE Standards may utilize the ABLE Model Policy, which incorporates all policy-based components of the Standards. The model policy is offered in an editable format so that agencies may customize it to comply with their jurisdictional requirements.

The Officer Bystander Liability White Paper provides an in-depth look at the legal duty to intervene by law enforcement officers. Our thanks go to the Sheppard Mullin team led by Pro Bono Partner Daniel Brown for compiling this resource.

The Compendium of Bystander Cases identifies key cases in every federal circuit that examine and/or explain aspects of the law on the duty to intervene. Once again, our thanks to Daniel Brown and the Sheppard Mullin team for developing this resource.

This page will be regularly updated with additional resources.