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Weber State police complete national certification for officer peer accountability
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Colorado police agencies to receive “ABLE” training aimed at preventing officer misconduct
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Fairfax Co. Police partner with ‘The ABLE Project’ for new active bystandership training
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Castle Shannon Police Department First in Region to Complete Intervention Training
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NYPD Officers to Get Training on Speaking Up Against Bad Policing
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Police officers should be guardians, not warriors. That could have saved Andre Hill’s life.
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AG Grewal Overhauls Statewide Police Use of Force Policies
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FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin | December 8, 2020

Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office To Undergo Active Bystander Training
WOSU Radio (Columbus, OH) | December 8, 2020

Concord Police undergoing ABLE training to learn intervention techniques when officers are doing something wrong
WBTV (Concord, NC) | November 9, 2020

Police Bystandership | Questioning Qualified Immunity
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NOPD’s National Ethical Police Training Program
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Training police to patrol each other
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Ervin Staub: A Holocaust survivor’s mission to train ‘heroic bystanders’
BBC News | October 5, 2020

What works to reduce police brutality:Psychologists’ research is pinpointing the factors that lead to overly aggressive, biased policing—and intervention that can prevent it
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Years before George Floyd’s death, Minneapolis police chief spoke of difficulty of stopping misconduct by a veteran cop
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Wilmington Police Department to undergo active bystander training
WECT News (Wilmington, NC) | August 18, 2020

ABLE Project: WPD One of First to Join Program for Bystander Intervention Training
WWAY News (Wilmington, NC) | August 18, 2020

‘Hey, don’t do what you’re doing’: Teaching Cops to Say Something if They See Something
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Duty To Intervene Policies Aim To Prevent Officers From Using Excessive Force
WBUR: Boston’s NPR News Station| July 20, 2020

The Holocaust Survivor Hoping to Change American Police Culture
NBC News | July 19, 2020

Commissioner Outlaw to Implement Peer Intervention Training for all Officers
KYW Newsradio (Philadelphia) | July 18, 2020

Can Peer Intervention Change Baltimore’s Police Culture? (Baltimore Sun Editorial Board)
Baltimore Sun | July 15, 2020

Deputy NOPD Chief: What Loyalty Means to Me and Fellow Officers
The Advocate (Baton Rouge) | July 15, 2020

Georgetown Law’s Innovative Policing Program Launches Project ABLE to Help Police Departments Build a Culture of Active Bystandership
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Cops Stopping Cops: In Minnesota, There are Rules, but No Training
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