ABLE Agencies

Information updated May 13, 2024

Quick Facts:

  • 390 ABLE agencies
  • 2,729 ABLE-certified instructors
  • 169,000+ officers at ABLE agencies

A list of all ABLE agencies can be found here.

ABLE Statewide Initiatives

ABLE has partnered with a number of agencies and organizations to create statewide initiatives, which enable law enforcement agencies to pool instructors and training resources, extending ABLE’s reach and making the program more accessible to smaller agencies with limited resources to devote to training. The ABLE Team is grateful to our on-the-ground partners in each state who make this work possible. ABLE operates statewide initiatives in the following states:


ABLE is partnering with the California Affiliated Risk Management Authorities (CARMA) to facilitate the provision of ABLE training by certified ABLE instructors to California, Central, Northern, and Central Valley region law enforcement agencies that participate in the CARMA program and are accepted into the ABLE Project. The ABLE/CARMA initiative hosted their first in-person Train-the-Trainer event in Burlingame, CA in July. The next in-person Train-the-Trainer is scheduled for January 23-25, 2024. For more information, please contact Rob Patton at


ABLE Colorado seeks to establish a community of practice in which ABLE agencies throughout the state share resources and best practices related to ABLE implementation and training. In partnership with the Attorney General’s Office and ABLE Colorado State Coordinator Elisa DiTrolio (based at the Denver Police Department), the ABLE Team will conduct two Train-the-Trainer sessions to certify a cohort of statewide ABLE Colorado instructors. These instructors will be available to train ABLE agencies across Colorado and will be supported via co-teaching with experienced ABLE national training instructors and monthly professional development sessions. For more information, please contact Elisa DiTrolio at 


The Texas ABLE Center of Excellence (ACE) provides free technical assistance, policy development, consultation and training on-site and sends trainers to Texas ABLE agencies at no charge for TCOLE-approved ABLE training (8 hours) and TCOLE-approved ABLE refresher training (2 hours) upon request. The ACE is a collaboration between the ABLE Project at Georgetown School of Law, Meadows Mental Health Policy Institute (Meadows Institute), and the Caruth Police Institute, and is funded by a generous grant from the Texas Instruments Foundation. For more information, please visit the Texas ACE website.


ABLE Utah is a collaboration between the Utah Local Governments Trust and the ABLE national team to ensure that all agencies in the state of Utah can access high-quality ABLE training. By leveraging their relationships in law enforcement, the Trust hosts and coordinates ABLE trainings for agencies across the state, ensuring low-resourced agencies can still receive this critical training at little to no cost. Given the unique nature of policing in a rural state such as Utah, the Trust encourages regional roll-out of ABLE and collaborates with the ABLE national team to provide technical assistance to cohorts looking to implement the program. For more information, please contact ABLE Utah Project Coordinator Mike Stagg at