Mildred Johnson HeadshotMillie Johnson has an extensive background in law enforcement and criminal justice as an officer, supervisor, FTO and instructor with the City of Pittsburgh Bureau of Police. Millie also has several years of experience in the field of corrections. Her credentials also include more than 20 years of experience in a variety of community-facing positions and social service in education, community development, community ministry and community outreach, where she has had consistent success in developing and delivering a wide variety of programs and initiatives.

Millie is an ordained minister and serves in her church as a worship leader and associate minister. She also serves the Pittsburgh Bureau of Police as a volunteer chaplain. Millie is a tenured professor of Criminal Justice at Geneva College and a part-time professor of Criminal Justice at Robert Morris University. Millie joined the ABLE family as a national instructor in 2021, and the Heroes family as a national instructor in 2022. Being a part of the ABLE family and the Heroes family is truly an honor, blessing and privilege for Millie.

Millie enjoys teaching, growing and learning with her ABLE and Heroes colleagues, as well as, helping to save the lives, careers, families and agencies of law enforcement officers around the country, by teaching them the philosophy of active bystandership.