Volume 107, Issue 6 (July 2019)


The Perils of Small-Minority Controllers
Lucian A. Bebchuk & Kobi Kastiel

Constitutional Anti-Theory
Andrew Jordan

Financial Immigration Federalism
Shayak Sarkar

Chevron As Law
Cass R. Sunstein

Diversity as a Trade Secret
Jamillah Bowman Williams


“The Great Bulwark of . . . Political Liberties”: The Decline of Jury Power and the Rise of Slave Interests in the Early American Republic
Ryan Shymansky

Volume 107, Issue 5 (May 2019)


The Irrepressible Myth of Cooper v. Aaron 
Josh Blackman

The District of Columbia and Article III
James Durling

Contract Creep
Tal Kastner & Ethan J. Leib

The Trump Administration and the Law of the Lochner Era
Mila Sohoni


Coloring in the Gaps of Title VI: Clarifying the Protections Against the Skin-Color Caste System
Sonika R. Data

A Clash of Canons: Lenity, Chevron, and the One-Statute, One-Interpretation Rule
Justin Levine

Volume 107, Issue 4 (Apr. 2019)


Consumer Protection After the Global Financial Crisis
Edward J. Balleisen & Melissa B. Jacoby

Revolving Elites: The Unexplored Risk of Capturing the SEC
James D. Cox & Randall S. Thomas

Making Sustainability Disclosure Sustainable
Jill E. Fisch

Disasters and Disclosures: Securities Fraud Liability in the Shadow of a Corporate Catastrophe
Donald C. Langevoort

The Law of Two Prices: Regulatory Arbitrage, Revisited
Frank Partnoy

Disclosure’s Purpose
Hillary A. Sale

Optimal Deterrence When Shareholders Desire Fraud
James C. Spindler


Holding the Line or Changing Tides? The Future of “Too Big to Fail” Regulation
Caitlin Bozman

Volume 107, Issue 3 (Mar. 2019)


Jail as Injunction
Russell M. Gold

Privatizing Criminal Procedure
John D. King

Reforming Competence Restoration Statutes: An Outpatient Model
Susan McMahon

Withdrawing from NAFTA
Alison Peck

Limited Inalienability Rules
Ariel Porat & Stephen Sugarman


Playing Favorites: Challenging Denials of U.S. Citizenship to Children Born Abroad to U.S. Same-Sex Parents
Katelyn Adams

Eliminating Schmiergeld: Lessons Learned from the Enforcement of Foreign Anti-Bribery Laws in the United States and Germany
Jesse Van Genugten

Volume 107, Issue 2 (Jan. 2019)


Fintech and the Innovation Trilemma
Chris Brummer & Yesha Yadav

Patents and Free Speech
Tun-Jen Chiang

Inculcating Suppression
Amanda Harmon Cooley

Precedent, Three-Judge District Courts, and the Law of Democracy
Joshua A. Douglas & Michael E. Solimine


The Front and Back Ends of Domestic Violence Murder: An Exploration of the Avenues for Change and an Introduction of the Domestic Violence-Murder Doctrine
Nick Butto

Daubert Won’t Do: Why Expert Testimony Regarding Future Dangerousness Requires a New Rule of Evidence
Jordan Dickson

Volume 107, Issue 1 (Oct. 2018)


The Letter and the Spirit: A Unified Theory of Originalism
Randy E. Barnett & Evan D. Bernick

Punishing Risk
Erin Collins

After the Trump Era: A Constitutional Role Morality for Presidents and Members of Congress
Neil S. Siegel


Where Does a Prisoner Live?: Furthering the Goals of Representational and Voter Equality Through Counting Prisoners
Amee Frodle

Contracts as Speech Acts: Bringing Jakobson to the Conversation
Elizabeth A. Janicki