Volume 108, Issue 3 (March 2020)


Affordable Care Act Entrenchment
Abbe R. Gluck & Thomas Scott-Railton

An Empirical Study of Political Control over Immigration Adjudication
Catherine Y. Kim & Amy Semet

Why the Ability-to-Repay Rule Is Vital to Financial Stability
Patricia A. McCoy & Susan M. Wachter

Vertical Stare Decisis and Three-Judge District Courts
Michael T. Morley


Judicial Power in the Laboratory: State Court Treatment of the One Good Plaintiff Rule
Chris Conrad

Volume 108, Issue 2 (January 2020)


Robot Ipsa Loquitur
Bryan Casey

Saving Justice: Why Sentencing Errors Fall Within the Savings Clause, 28 U.S.C. § 2255(e)
Brandon Hasbrouck

Personality Disruption as Mental Torture: The CIA, Interrogational Abuse, and the U.S. Torture Act
David Luban & Katherine S. Newell

Public Enforcement After Kokesh: Evidence from SEC Actions
Urska Velikonja


Vote Denial and Defense: A Strategic Enforcement Proposal for Section 2 of the Voting Rights Act
Hayden Johnson

Volume 108, Issue 1 (November 2019)


Faithful Execution: Where Administrative Law Meets the Constitution
Evan D. Bernick

It’s Good to Have the “Haves” on Your Side: A Defense of Repeat Players in Multidistrict Litigation
Andrew D. Bradt & D. Theodore Rave

Recordings as Heckling
Scott Skinner-Thompson


Weakness in Numbers: The Risks Investors’ Bounded Rationality and Cognitive Biases Pose to the U.S. Securities Crowdfunding Market
Tessa Bell

Facially Exculpatory Yet Inherently Incriminating: Why Affirmative Defense Statements Should Qualify as Statements Against Penal Interest Under Rule 804(b)(3)
Timothy M. Pellegrino