Volume 109, Issue 1 (October 2020)

In Memoriam

In Memoriam: Professor Anne C. Fleming
Daniel R. Ernst


Redesigning Education Finance: How Student Loans Outgrew the “Debt” Paradigm
John R. Brooks & Adam J. Levitin

False Influencing
Alexandra J. Roberts

The Revival of Respondeat Superior and Evolution of Gatekeeper Liability
Rory Van Loo


The Republican Guaranty Contract
Alejandro J. García

Volume 109, Issue 2 (December 2020)


Qualified Immunity and Federalism
Aaron L. Nielson & Christopher J. Walker

Qualified Immunity and Federalism All the Way Down
Joanna C. Schwartz

Private Company Lies
Elizabeth Pollman

Originalism and Birthright Citizenship
Michael D. Ramsey

Volume 109, Issue 3 (February 2021)


State-Created Fetal Harm
Meghan Boone & Benjamin J. McMichael

Creating Space for Community Representation in Police Reform Litigation
Ayesha Bell Hardaway

“When You’re a Star”: The Unnamed Wrong of Sexual Degradation
Daniel Maggen

Presidential Review: The President’s Statutory Authority over Independent Agencies
Cass R. Sunstein & Adrian Vermeule


Is This Really the Best We Can Do? American Courts’ Irrational Efforts Clause Jurisprudence and How We Can Start to Fix It
Charles Thau

Volume 109, Issue 4 (March 2021)


Codifying Constitutional Norms
Jonathan S. Gould

Hidden Bias in Empirical Textualism
Matthew Jennejohn, Samuel Nelson & D. Carolina Núñez

Art and Copyright in Ghettos and Concentration Camps: A Manifesto of Third-Generation Holocaust Survivors
Lior Zemer & Anat Lior


Breaking Bad: Fail-Safes to the Hague Judgments Convention
Diana A. A. Reisman

Grounding the Lame Duck: The President, the Final Three Months, and Emergency Powers
Ari B. Rubin

Volume 109, Issue 5 (April 2021)


The Mischief Rule
Samuel L. Bray

A Lost World: Sallie Robinson, the Civil Rights Cases, and Missing Narratives of Slavery in the Supreme Court’s Reconstruction Jurisprudence
Aderson Bellegarde François

The Geography of Abortion Rights
B. Jessie Hill

The Missing D in U.S. Foreign Relations Law
David G. Moore


The Modern Lie Detector: AI-Powered Affect Screening and the Employee Polygraph Protection Act (EPPA)
Courtney Hinkle

Volume 109, Issue 6 (June 2021)


Remedies and Respect: Rethinking the Role of Federal Judicial Relief
Rachel Bayefsky

From Trade Secrecy to Seclusion
Charles Tait Graves & Sonia K. Katyal

Enjoyed by White Citizens
Nancy Leong

Distributing Civil Justice
Matthew A. Shapiro


Forced Betting the Farm: How Historic Preservation Law Fails Poor and Nonwhite Communities
Alden A. Fletcher