Annual Subscriptions

All subscriptions are for a one edition term. Subscriptions are back started to the most current edition available.

To place a new subscription order online with a credit card, please use the online order form. Our online order form does not support discount rate for inmates.  Alternatively a PDF order form can be mailed or faxed to the address below for payment by check, money order or credit card.

Office of Journal Administration
Georgetown University Law Center
PO Box 382
Congers, NY 10920

Please make checks and Money order Payable to: Georgetown Law Journals

Note: We collect tax from non-exempt customers shipping to DC, MD, NY, TN, and VA. For rates please see the PDF order form.

Access Online Order Form

Contact Customer Service for a PDF order form.

 Older Editions & Preface Purchases

Hard copy older editions can be purchased through the Office of Journal Administration based on availability. Please inquire with customer service the edition you wish to purchase.

Alternatively, if you are interested in purchasing a copy of the Preface, please use our Print-on-Demand site. Through our Print-On-Demand site you can purchase either a PDF download to one computer, or a printed copy to be mailed to you. See instructions below on how to use our Print-On-Demand site.

If the edition you wish to purchase is no longer available through our office or the preface is not on our Print-on-Demand site, copies man be purchased through William S. Hein & Co. Inc. Please contact them using the information below.

William S. Hein & Co. Inc.
1285 Main Street
Buffalo, NY 14209
Phone: 800-828-7571
Fax: 716-882-2600


Print-on-Demand – How to Order

Use the tables of contents to find the articles or issues you would like to order. For each article or issue you may order a “PDF download” or a “Printed Copy.”

PDF download: One download to one computer. If you wish to download to additional computers, please purchase additional downloads. Example: if you purchase 10 PDF downloads of a particular article, you will be able to download that article to 10 different computers. Please note: you will be downloading an executable file with an .exe extension.

Printed Copy: Individual articles are stapled, 8 ½ x 11 inches; full volumes are 7 x 10 inches (journal size) and perfect-bound with glossy cover stock. Prices and shipping options vary. Please note: Because your orders are individually produced, we do not accept returns unless we have made an error.

Click on the price to put the item in your shopping cart.

When you are finished shopping, hit the checkout button to begin placing your order. You will be asked to enter an e-mail address for verification and communication purposes. You will then be able to pay for your order over a secure connection using a major credit card.

There is no minimum order amount. All sales are final.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Annual Review of Criminal Procedure hardback?
No, all of our publications are soft-cover journals.

I ordered the ARCP for an inmate, and it was never delivered. How can I file a claim for the undelivered journal?
If the order was not received 2 weeks after the approximate delivery time frame of 6–8 weeks, please contact Customer Service with your complete order information. Claims for orders placed at the discounted rate are evaluated on a case-by-case basis, and are not guaranteed to be honored. For orders placed at regular retail rate, please view our journal claims procedure on our Subscription Policy page.

I ordered the ARCP for an inmate, but the inmate was relocated before receiving the issue. Will the ARCP be forwarded to the new location?
No. Typically, the journal copies are returned to our office. We will reship only if/when the original copy is returned to our office and the inmate or someone on their behalf can verify their new address. Please contact Customer Service for more information.

May I track my order?
USPS tracking numbers can be made available upon request, typically 1–2 weeks after your order has been processed. Please contact Customer Service for tracking details.

The inmate no longer requires the ARCP. May I return it for a refund?
No, refunds are not available for discounted purchases.

I cannot afford the $25 rate; do you have older copies available for less?
Yes, the 2009 Edition is available for $15. Please contact Customer Service for pricing and availability for the older editions.

May I buy more than one edition?
Of course! Please verify the maximum number of books permitted within the correctional facility prior to making you purchase.

I ordered the wrong edition. May I exchange it for the correct one?
Exchanges can be made. The original copy must be returned, at the user’s expense, in mint condition. The 2009 Edition and Editions prior to 2009 can be exchanged for one another. Any Editions published after 2015 can be exchanged for one another. This is true for orders placed at regular retail rate and the reduced inmate rate. Please contact Customer Service for more information.

I am an indigent inmate. How can I obtain a free copy?
Please contact Customer Service for information regarding complimentary copies of the ARCP for indigent inmates.

Are copies available for prison libraries?
Please contact Customer Service for information regarding copies of the ARCP for prison libraries.

Can I pre-order for the next edition for an inmate?
Yes, pre-orders can be made close to the expected publication date. This title is usually published in June or July. Please keep in mind that our expected publication date is not a guaranteed. Contact Customer Service immediately if there are any changes to the recipient’s address.

Can I purchase a copy for an inmate online?
No. Our online order form does not support the discount rate for inmates. Please contact customer services for a pdf order form.