Workshop 1

The Role of Police in a Diverse, Democratic Society
Speaker: Ron Davis, former Chief of Police, East Palo Alto, CA; former Director, US Department of Justice Office of Community Oriented Policing (COPS); and former Executive Director, President’s Commission on 21st Century Policing

Workshop 2

“A Right to the City” – Gentrification and Demographic Change in D.C. – Exhibit tour, lecture, and discussion with curators at the Smithsonian Anacostia Community Museum

Cohort 2 Formal Launch/Cohort 1 Graduation

With Georgetown Law Dean William Treanor and Metropolitan Police Department of the District of Columbia (MPD) Chief Peter Newsham

Workshop 3

“Locking Up Our Own: Crime and Punishment in Black America”
Speaker: Author James Forman Jr.; professor, Yale Law School; and former D.C. public defender

Workshop 4

Race and Criminal Justice
Speaker: Professor Paul Butler, Georgetown University Law Center; former D.C. prosecutor; author, Chokehold: Policing the Black Man

Cohort 1/ Cohort 2 Joint Happy Hour at The Ministry, 12/6/2018

Workshop 5

Homelessness and Policing
Speakers: AnnMarie Staudenmaeier, Washington Legal Clinic for the Homeless, and Alan Banks, Homeless advocate

Workshop 6

Adolescent Brain Development: Implications for Policing
Speaker: Dr. Antoinette Kavanaugh, adolescent psychology expert, and Mary Ann Scali, National Juvenile Defense Center

Workshop 7

Addiction and Drug Crime
Speakers: Chief Brandon del Pozo, Burlington, VT, and Regina LaBelle, former staff director, White House Office of Drug Enforcement Policy

Workshop 8

Speakers: None

Workshop 9

Police Peer Intervention Programs
Speakers: Jonathan Aronie, Police Monitor for New Orleans, and Detective Terry Bean, New Orleans Police Department

Workshop 10

Capstone Project Planning
[Followed by happy hour at The Ministry]

Workshop 11

Mass Incarceration and Policing
Professor Shon Hopwood, Georgetown University Law Center

Capstone Project Event

Visit to D.C. Jail

Workshop 12

Youth Police Dialogue
Guests: D.C. high school students

Workshop 13

Prep Session for Conversation with MPD Chief Peter Newsham
Speakers: None

Workshop 14

Conversation with MPD Chief Peter Newsham
Guests: MPD Chief Peter Newsham