• A smiling man with a beard

    Founding Director & JIF Co-Founder

    Jason Tashea


  • A smiling woman with short hair

    Principal Investigator & JIF Co-Founder

    Prof. Tanina Rostain


  • A smiling woman in a judges robe with short hair and glasses

    Judge in the 11th Judicial Circuit of Florida

    Hon. Jennifer D. Bailey

  • A smiling woman in a judges robe in front of the American and D.C. flags.

    Chief Judge of the D.C. Court of Appeals

    Hon. Anna Blackburne-Rigsby

  • A smiling woman with red hair

    Principal | Athena Civic Consulting

    Elizabeth L. Grossman


  • A smiling woman with short curly hair

    Chief Digital Services Officer | City and County of San Francisco

    Cyd Harrell


  • A man with glasses and wearing a tie with his jacket slung over his shoulder.

    Solutions Architect | Oasys International

    Bryan Tanifum


  • A smiling man with a beard and a pink tie

    Executive Director | ATJ Tech Fellows | JIF Co-Founder

    Miguel Willis


  • A smiling woman in a blue top

    Deputy Director | The US Digital Service | JIF Co-Founder

    Cori Zarek


Research Fellows

Court & Fellow Application Reviewers

Applications for courts and fellows will be reviewed by a professionally, geographically, and demographically diverse group of professionals. Beyond support from JIF staff, fellows, and advisors, we are supported by experts in technology, court administration, and access to justice.

James Carey, Georgetown University

Sophia Dengo, Zapier

Gipsy Escobar, Measures for Justice

Margaret Hagan, Stanford Law School

Richard Kiene, Rivian

Chris Kuang, US Digital Corps

Samira Nazem, National Center for State Courts

Keith Porcaro, Duke Law School

Quinten Steenhuis, Suffolk University Law School

Yin Seo, Justice Direct