The Originalist’s Constitution Constitutional Discourse Book Series
Compiled and maintained by the Georgetown Center for the Constitution, this interactive constitution provides more than 1500 law review articles, essays, and other items related to originalism. The database is organized by constitutional provision to enable efficient research. Published by the Georgetown Center for the Constitution, the series features anthologies of law review articles prepared for our various symposia and colloquia.
Academic Scholarship Judicial Opinions
Read some of the premier academic scholarship on constitutional originalism. View some of the most influential judicial opinions applying originalism.
The Originalism Blog Legal Theory Blog
The Blog of the Center for the Study of Constitutional Originalism at the University of San Diego School of Law. Run by University of Virginia Law Professor, Lawrence Solum, the Legal Theory blog provides access to cutting-edge constitutional law scholarship.
Recommended Books The Originalist Angles Journal
Our suggestions for excellent books written about originalism, history, and our Constitution. Originalist Angles, a journal published by high school students, strives to engage young academic minds in complex and contested areas of law through the lens of originalism.