Every year the Center for Transnational Legal Studies encourages its faculty to engage in innovative research collaborations in different fields of transnational law and governance. The unique environment CTLS provides facilitates knowledge exchange about legal systems, research methodologies, and jurisprudential perspectives. The weekly colloquium, Transnational Law Colloquium, sees the presentation of work in progress by leading thinkers in the field. Our Spring and Summer Conferences provide a forum for academics and practitioners of law and governance to exchange ideas and have led to research publications involving partner schools and scholars from further afield.

Please take a look at our Events page for upcoming lectures and conferences.

CTLS Summer Scholars in Residence

The Summer Scholars in Residence program invites a selected number of academics from partner institutions to use CTLS as a base for scholarly research and exchange. To read more about participating faculty and their research, please follow the links below: