Required Courses

All students are required to take the below three courses. Students who attend the program in both the Fall and the Spring semester may only take the Global Practice Exercise and the Core Course in their first semester at CTLS.

Global Practice Exercise
CTLS Faculty

Each semester will begin with an intensive, multi-day exercise in transnational and/or comparative law. The exercise will provide an opportunity for the diverse students and faculty at CTLS to work together on a common legal problem. All faculty and students will participate in the exercise. The objectives are to give students and faculty a quick start working together on a real legal practice problem, which will highlight the importance and challenges of communicating across transnational legal and cultural boundaries; draw CTLS participants into active roles in their own learning and academic exchange; and introduce students to the process of tackling real-world legal problems that transcend national boundaries, learning both transnational variations in substantive law and legal processes.

1 Credit, required. Evaluation: Participation in the plenary sessions and breakout groups.

Transnational Law Colloquium and Lectures in Transnational Justice
Coordinated by J. Peter Byrne, Georgetown Law and Walter Stoffel, University of Fribourg

The Transnational Law Colloquium will meet weekly for presentations by leading academics and practitioners on topics of current international, transnational or comparative law interest. Each meeting will involve the presentation of a paper, brief comments, and a discussion with the author/presenter among all participants. Attendees will be the Center’s students, faculty and invited guests. Students, who will be divided up and each assigned to attend a sub-set of the colloquia, will write short responses to the papers in advance of the meeting.

The Lectures in Transnational Justice are similar to the Colloquia; however, they are more formal, have a higher profile, and are aimed at the wider CTLS community within London. There will be two lectures each semester delivered by faculty members or practitioners with significant transnational experience. Students must attend both lectures and write a short response to one of the lecture papers

1 Credit, required. Participation in seven assigned colloquia and submission of two response papers (900-1,000 words each). Participation at two lectures and submission of one response paper (900-1,000 words each).

Core Course
J. Peter Byrne, Georgetown Law

Full course title and description to be confirmed.

3 Credits, required. Evaluation: tbc.

Spring 2021 – Elective Courses

The deadline for Spring 2021 registration is Friday, 20 November 2020 (students will receive an email when registration opens).

Course descriptions are to be confirmed.