We will do our best to keep students updated as much as possible, but you are ultimately responsible for checking and complying with all government requirements. If conditions change, entry requirements can be updated and countries and territories can be moved to the red list at short notice . You can sign up for an email alert on the government website to be notified when the rules are updated.

Some of the rules in place for entering England differ depending on if you qualify under the fully vaccinated rules for travel to England. You can check if you qualify as fully vaccinated on the government website.

Due to the new Omicron variant, additional entry requirements have been extended to fully vaccinated travellers. Please check the government website for full details of all requirements.

There are different rules if you have been in a red list country in the 10 days before you arrive in England. If you have been in or travelled through a country or territory on the red list in the 10 days before you arrive in England, you will only be allowed to enter the UK if you either: (a) are a British or Irish National; or (b) have residence rights in the UK.

Check which countries and territories are on the red list and read the red list rules.

Please note that this guidance applies to England only and there are different requirements in place for entering WalesScotland, and Northern Ireland.


Participants must make their own international travel arrangements as well as those for any subsequent travel within Europe. Many airlines and travel agencies offer attractive round-trip airfares.

Passports are required for travel to London and are the responsibility of each student. Lines at Passport Offices can be very long. Plan ahead and get your passport early! Please note that you are not able to use an EU, EEA or Swiss national ID card to enter the UK.

Students must present their enrollment confirmation letter from CTLS (which will be uploaded to your Studio Abroad profile) and be able to provide proof of a round trip ticket to customs officials upon arrival in the UK Some advice also suggests that students carry proof of financial support, such as a current bank statement as well as bank statements for the previous 2 months. For Georgetown Law students, we also suggest that you print off your bill from MyAccess indicating that your tuition, fees, and housing charges (if applicable) have been paid. Those of you receiving financial aid will most likely have your funds dispersed before the start of the program. Assuming that you have requested that the funds be transferred in to your bank account, your bank balance should reflect your financial aid award. In addition, if you travel during the program, you will want to keep your confirmation letter and your proof of a round trip ticket (and your passport, of course) with you at all times.

If you are a national of a country that the UK Home Office defines as a visa national country, you may require prior entry clearance before you arrive in the UK, in order to enter as a visitor. You should consult the UK Visa Services website. Students in need of prior entry clearance are responsible for applying for their own visas.

Please note that under UK immigration rules, CTLS students who come into the UK as visitors are not permitted to stay in the UK more than six months and are not eligible to work at paid or unpaid employment, including internships. This also applies to students who secure prior entry clearance.