Brief Bio

Guy Pessach is an Associate Professor at the Hebrew University, Faculty of Law. Guy’s main areas of research are Copyright Law, Comparative and International Aspects of the Creative Industries and Law &Technology. Guy was a Fulbright Scholar, Residential Fellow at the Information Society Project, Yale Law School;a Visiting Professor at Columbia Law School, City University Hong Kong and the Center for Transnational Legal Studies, Georgetown University Law School and also an Erasmus Mundus, Visiting Scholar at the Center for Law, Society and Pop Culture, University of Westminster. Prior to his academic career, Guy clerked for Justice Zamir at the Israeli Supreme Court.

Representative Publications

1. The Political Economy of Digital Cultural Preservation”, in Digital Archives Management, use and access (Milena Dobreva and Gabriellas Ivacs, Editors, Facet, London, 2016).

2.”The Balance of Copyright”, The Israeli Report on Intellectual Property law to the XVIIIth International Congress of Comparative Law, Balancing Copyright – A Survey of National Approaches, 523-540 (Max Planck Institute Studies on Intellectual Property and Competition Law, Reto M. Hilty, Sylvie Nérisson, Editors) (2012).

3. “Some Realism about Copyright Skepticism”, 57 IDEA: The Intellectual Property Law Review, (2017) (forthcoming).

4. “Toward a New Jurisprudence of Copyright Exemptions”, 55 IDEA: The Intellectual Property Law Review, 287-318 (2015).

5. “The Beijing Treaty on Audiovisual Performances –The Return of the North?” 55 IDEA: The Intellectual Property Law Review, 79-104 (2014).

6. “Deconstructing Disintermediation –A Skeptical Copyright Perspective”, 33 Cardozo Arts &Entertainment Law Journal, 101-141 (2013).

7. The New Israeli Copyright Act –A Case-Study in Reverse Comparative law”, 41 IIC – International Review of Industrial Property and Copyright Law (Max-Planck Institute Publications), 187-201 (2010).

8. “Reciprocal Share-Alike Exemptions in Copyright Law”, 30 Cardozo Law Review, 101-150 (2008).

9. “[Networked] Memory Institutions: Social Remembering, Privatization and its Discontents”, 26 Cardozo Arts &Entertainment Law Journal, 71-149 (2008).

10. “Museums, Digitization and Copyright Law –Taking Stock and Looking Ahead”, 1 The Journal of International Media and Entertainment Law, 253-283 (2007).

11. “The Role of Libraries and A2K –Taking Stock and Looking Ahead” (Symposium comment) Michigan State Law Review, 257-269 (2007).

12. “An International-Comparative Analysis of Peer to Peer File-Sharing –Framing Past-Present and Next Generation Questions”, 40 Vanderbilt Journal of Transnational Law, 88-133 (2007).

13. “Media, Markets, and Democracy: Revisiting an Eternal Triangle, Critical Notice: Media, Markets and Democracy by Edwin C. Baker”, 17 The Canadian Journal of Law and Jurisprudence, 209-226 (2004).

14. “Copyright Law as a Silencing Restriction on Non-Infringing Materials –Unveiling the Scope of Copyright’s Diversity Externalities”, 76 University of Southern California Law Review, 1067-1104 (2003).

15. “The Author’s Moral Right of Integrity in Cyberspace – A Preliminary Normative Framework”, 34 IIC –International Review of Industrial Property and Copyright Law (Max-Planck Institute Publications), 250-270 (2003).

Courses taught at CTLS

  • Law and Technology – Theoretical and Critical Perspectives (Spring 2017)
  • The Theory and Practice of Copyright Law:  Comparative and Transnational Aspects (Fall 2008)
  • Transnational Issues in Art, Culture  and Law (Fall 2008)