Brief Bio

Klaus Bosselmann has been teaching in the areas of public international law, European law, constitutional law, jurisprudence and comparative and international environmental law. His research focus is on the conceptual and international dimensions of environmental law and governance. He is particularly interested in sustainability ethics with respect to climate change, biodiversity, justice, human rights, legislation, democracy and international law.
Klaus has been the Director of the New Zealand Centre for Environmental Law since its establishment in 1999. As Chair of the Ethics Specialist Group of the IUCN World Commission on Environmental Law, he currently coordinates a number of international research collaborations in the area of sustainability law and governance. Klaus also has an active role in projects and annual conferences of the Global Ecological Integrity Group and several other professional networks. He has authored or edited 25 books on environmental law, political ecology, and sustainability law and governance;his numerous articles appeared in many of the world’s leading law journals. In 2009, he was the Inaugural Winner of the Senior Scholarship Prize of the IUCN Academy of Environmental Law, the global body of environmental law scholars.

Selected publications and creative works (Research Outputs)

  • Bosselmann, K. (2015). Earth Governance: Trusteeship of the Global Commons. Cheltenham: Edward Elgar. Pages: 316.
  • Bosselmann, K. (2015). National Strategies for Sustainability: Options for New Zealand. Auckland: New Zealand Centre for Environmental Law University of Auckland. Pages: 183.
  • Bosselmann, K., Westra, L., & Soskolne, C. (Eds.) (2011). Globalisation and Ecological Integrity in Science and International Law. Cambridge/UK: Cambridge Scholars Publ. Pages: 420.
  • Bosselmann, K., Engel, R., & Westra, L. (Eds.) (2010). Democracy, Ecological Integrity and International Law. Cambridge/UK: Cambridge Scholars. Pages: 520.
  • Bosselmann, K., Fogel, K., & Ruhl, J. B. (Eds.) (2010). The Law and Politics of Sustainability, Berkshire Encyclopedia of Sustainability vol. 3. Gt. Barrington/USA: Berkshire. Pages: 512.
  • Bosselmann, K. (2010). Towards Multilevel Governance for Sustainability: Trends and Challenges. Auckland, N.Z.: Auckland University Europe Institute Research Series. Pages: 72.
  • Bosselmann, K., & Engel, R. (2010). The Earth Charter. Amsterdam, The Netherlands: KIT Publishers. Pages: 275.
  • Bosselmann, K., & Tava, K. (Eds.) (2010). Water Rights and Sustainability. Auckland/NZ: NZCEL Monograph Series. Pages: 145.

Courses taught at CTLS

  • Selected Topics in Land Use Law: Theoretical, Comparative, and International Perspectives (Fall 2016)
  • Transnational Environmental Law (Fall 2016)