Brief Bio

Former Dean of Fribourg Faculty of Law (2014-2017), he is professor for Swiss and Comparative Contract Law, European Consumer Law and Roman Law. He was educated at the University of Fribourg, where he got both his PhD and his Habilitation. He studied also at Berkeley Law (LL.M., 1997) and has spent a research year at the University of Regensburg (Germany, 1997-1998) and several months at the MPI Hamburg, Università la Sapienza (2005) and Stellenbosh University, South Africa (2010). He has also been fellow from the Robbins Collection, University of California at Berkeley (2005). Since 2008, he his co-founder and co-Director of the LL.M. Master of Laws in cross-cultural business practice at the Faculty of Law of Fribourg.

He has been visiting professor at several Universities around the world, including Georgetown Law (2017-2018), Paris Panthéon-Assas (Paris 2) (February 2017 ; January 2013 – November 2012; May 2012; February 2008); Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile (Santiago, November-December 2014); Trento (April 2014); Liège (Chaire David-Constant 2013) ; Istanbul, Bilgi University (April 2012); Georgetown Summer Program (London; August 2011); Montpellier (March-April 2011); University of Rome 2 “Tor Vergata” (April 2007). He has previously taught at CTLS in Aug.-Dec. 2011 and Jan-June 2009.

He is the editor in chief of the Revue de droit suisse/Zeitschrift für Schweizerisches Recht, and member of several editorial board of Swiss and International Journals. He is member of the Council of the ELI (European Law Institute), since 2017. He was President of ELFA (European Law Faculties Association ; 2008-2009) and member of its board (2004-2008). Vice-president of the (Swiss) Federal Consumer Commission since  2012. He is regularly President, sole arbitrator, or co-arbitrator in various arbitral proceedings (ICC, ad hoc; national and international contract Law, Construction Law).


Among his recent publications, one can mention several books, among which:

  • Franz Werro/Pascal Pichonnaz (édit.), La responsabilité à raison du risque, Colloque du droit de la responsabilité civile 2017 Université de Fribourg, Berne 2018 (to be published).
  • Samantha Besson/Yves Mausen/Pascal Pichonnaz (édit.), Le consentement, Collection Programme doctoral romand de droit, Zurich 2018 (to be published).
  • Vincent Martenet/Pascal Pichonnaz, Commentaire romand de la Loi contre la concurrence déloyale (LCD), Bâle 2017 (645p.) ISBN
  • Pascal Pichonnaz/Benedict Foëx/Denis Piotet (édit.), Commentaire romand du Code civil II, Art. 457-977 CC, Art. 1-61 Tit. fin. CC, Bâle 2016 (XLII+3307p.) ISBN
  • Pascal Pichonnaz / Franz Werro (edit.), La pratique contractuelle 5, Genève /Zurich 2016 (176 p.)
  • Franz Werro/Pascal Pichonnaz (édit.), Les relations entre la responsabilité civile et les assurances privées, Colloque du droit de la responsabilité civile 2015 Université de Fribourg, Berne 2016 (250 p.).
  • Pierre Tercier/Pascal Pichonnaz/Murat Develioglu, Borçlar Hukuku, Genel Hükümler, Istanbul 2016 (636 p.).
  • Pascal Pichonnaz/Louise Gullifer, Set-off in Arbitration and Commercial Transactions, Oxford 2014, 480 p.

And many articles, including recently:

  • Pascal Pichonnaz, Legal Interpretation in Multilingual States: An Opportunity, Journal of Comparative Law [JCL], 12:2 (2017), p. 124-141 (published in 2018)
  • Pascal Pichonnaz, Plurilinguisme des juristes romains … et des romanistes: quelques réflexions, Index 45(2017), p. 707-722.
  • Mathieu Devinat/Pascal Pichonnaz, L’égalité des langues officielles devant les cours suprêmes : regards croisés sur le droit canadien et le droit suisse, RDS 2017/3 I 271-287.

For further details, see his University of Fribourg profile.

Courses taught at CTLS

  • Core Course: Introduction to Transnational Law (Fall 2018)
  • Commercial Contracts in a Global Economy: From National to Transnational and International Law (Spring 2009)
  • European Consumer Law: Denationalisation in the Field of Consumer Protection (Spring 2009)
  • International Contracts and Business Transactions (Fall 2011, Fall 2018)