The third annual Iron Tech Invitational 2022 was held virtually April 29, 2022. To qualify, the tools must have been completed for a pro bono organizational client, and developed in an academic course or supervised independent study over the course of the current academic school year.

The invitational is an open version of Georgetown’s Iron Tech Lawyer Competition, which has now been in operation for 12 semesters under the leadership of Georgetown Professor Tanina Rostain. Each year, Georgetown students create apps for pro bono organizational clients and face off in a intraschool competition just like the international invitational.

The 2022 Winners of the Iron Tech Lawyer Invitational are:


As a preliminary initiative to help Four Justice Services improve judicial outcomes for Indigenous Peoples, we developed a legal tech application known as the “Gladue Submissions Assistant.” This project compiles qualitative research on the systemic and racialized factors that are invariably contributing to an overrepresentation of Indigenous Peoples in the criminal justice system–colloquially referred to as “Gladue factors”. In addition to Gladue factors, the project condenses information about Indigenous communities–their history, culture, and challenges–all of which may have some relevance in an Indigenous clients’ appearance before court. Defense lawyers with Indigenous clients would use the project to help them prepare Gladue submissions for a judge in circumstances where obtaining a full Gladue Report would be cumbersome or inefficient, particularly in cases where the proposed sentence would be less than 90 days. 

The Client:
The Team:
Hasleen Sanghera, Class of 2023 (2nd year)
Nicholas Todd, Class of 2022 (3rd year)
Darnel Tailfeathers, Class of 2022 (3rd year)
Zachary Halper-Johnson, Class of 2022 (3rd year)
Sean Macdonald, Class of 2023 (2nd year)


The Denver Area Street Law Navigator is designed to help unhoused youth and young adults navigate their interactions with the legal system and courts in the Denver metropolitan area. The app focuses on providing access to rules and laws for Denver-area municipalities (specifically addressing issues of greatest concern for homeless young people), guidance for navigating interactions with police, and information about dealing with tickets and the judicial system. 

The Client:
The Team:
Jason Roberts, JD ‘23
Veronica Torok, JD ‘22

Afterlife is the one-stop platform for all post death related matters, enabling all of us to not only learn about afterlife planning but also file the necessary legal documents with the court post-death. 

The death of a loved one takes a toll on the next-of-kin, yet the final rites of the deceased have to be prepared. Acknowledging the difficult times the individual is going through, our users can prepare and administer afterlife matters with an ease of mind. 

The services we help clients acquire are:

  • Funeral services (links to providers)
  • Probate assistance
  • Letter of Administration assistance
  • Dispute resolution services (links to providers)

We provide all these services through an easy-to-use web app. Further, we utilize document automation to make the document creation process for clients much easier than before.

We cover the entire spectrum of issues that may arise, from legal to non-legal, from contested to uncontested, we designed Afterlife to help guide clients through any afterlife matter with ease! 

The Clients:
The Team:
Benjamin Koh (2024)
Jaslyn Lee Hui Min (2022)
Cheang Wei Lin Andrea (2024)
Sreya Violetta Sobti (2023)
Nicole Seah (2024)
Dai Jingwen Annie (2023)
Young Min Orr (2023)

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