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H.A.R.M. Calculator

The Habitability Abatement of Rent Mathematical Calculator (“H.A.R.M. Calculator”) assists tenants, and those working to advance tenants’ rights, seek money damages in Small Claims Court stemming from breaches of the warranty of habitability.

Team Members: Jordan Fruchter (JD ‘20)
Developed For: United Tenants of Albany (New York)

EC Case Bank

EC Casebank is a single-platform of risk information and risk analytics. Employing AllenNLP, our AI algorithm saves time costs spent on researching EC cases for Hong Kong NGOs advising injured workers, injured workers themselves, and legal practitioners. We collect raw data from the judiciary and large-scale NGOs, starting with Neighbourhood and Worker’s Service Centre, extract the factors affecting the case outcome, and present the relevant part to our users. We facilitate transparency behind the case decision by assisting laymen to comprehend the reasoning, ultimately improving access to justice.

Team Members: Chloe Chan Lok Wing (B.S. & LL.B ‘21); Jasmine Chi Man Poon (B.A. ‘20); Iverson Wong Chun Ming (B.B.A & LL.B ‘21); Cuthbert Chow Pok Yin (B.B.A. & LL.B. ‘21)
Developed For: Neighbourhood and Worker’s Service Centre

Property Tax Benefit Elegibility Survey

PhilaForm has designed a web-based application to empower low-income Philadelphia residents to apply to existing but underutilized city and state real estate tax abatement programs to lower their tax liability and avoid accruing interest, fees and foreclosure in a rapidly gentrifying city. PhilaForm leverages technology and publicly-available data to identify and target new applicants, help those applicants understand which programs are appropriate for them, and streamline the process of applying to all relevant programs automatically.

Team Members: Zachary Furcolo (JD ‘21), Yinran Pan (JD ‘21), Maria Tartakovsky (JD ‘21), Vince Gubitosi (BS Engr. ‘21), Natalie Wiegand (BS Engr. ‘20), Kevin Yin (BS Engr. ‘20)
Developed For: Community Legal Services

NetWit Legal help, by a community, for a community.

NetWit takes a simple concept, Git, and applies it to a simple issue. We applied this idea to assist a self-represented litigant facing housing issues, addressing a real issue in our community. We have begun expanding the means of sharing legal information, integrating AI tools, and have sought advice from our community. Our mission is to continue expanding into more issues, communities, and to always be improving.

Team Members: Mohammed Albabtain (JD ‘21), Bicao Butterfield (JD ‘20), Logan Butterfield (JD ‘20), Matthew Donovan (JD ‘20), LeGrand Northcutt (JD ‘20), Rohini Pandit (JD ‘20), Dylan Phllips (JD ‘21)
Developed For: Virginia Poverty Law Center

Electronic Means for Renter & Landlord Disputes (EMRLD)

Electronic Means for Renter & Landlord Disputes (EMRLD) is a Docassemble-based web interview for low income and often low literacy clients of the Edmonton Community Legal Centre (ECLC). ECLC helps about 700 clients per year apply to a tribunal for assistance with landlord/tenant disputes. EMRLD provides an easy-to-use tool that helps those clients understand if the complaint and remedies are in the tribunal’s jurisdiction, generates an accurately completed application form, and gives instructions on submitting applications and required evidence. It is designed to be used by ECLC clients on their own, without the assistance of ECLC staff.

Team Members: Patrick White (JD ‘21), Andrew Green (JD ‘21), Alec McIlwraith-Black (JD ‘20), Erin Peters (JD ‘21), Moriah Noel (JD ‘21)
Developed For: Edmonton Community Legal Centre (ECLC)

Cost of Eviction Calculator

The Cost of Eviction Calculator is a tool for advocates to shed light on the costs of eviction in their community and promote systemic shifts toward eviction prevention. The Calculator allows users to input local data, borrow from national figures, or refer to localized data from other jurisdictions. It then calculates the downstream community costs of eviction and provides a summary report. This report can be leveraged by organizations and individuals to advocate for eviction prevention and to encourage eviction-prevention actions by decision-makers.

Team Members: Kylie Allen (JD ‘20), Samuel Carroll (JD ‘20), Mackenzie Pish (JD ‘20)
Developed For: Step Up to Justice Pro Bono Law Center, Southwest Fair Housing Council, United Way of Tucson and Southern Arizona, City of Tucson Office of Innovation

Texas Rio Grande Legal Aid (TRLA) Migrante Ayuda

Texas Rio Grande Legal Aid (TRLA) Migrante Ayuda seeks to empower migrant farmworkers by lowering the barrier of access to information about their rights. The app features a ‘Know Your Rights’ library which covers relevant employment rights for Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Nebraska, and Texas. Additionally, the app contains a simple intake form that allows a representative from TRLA to locate a user’s H2A contract and send it to them.

Team Members: Chason Sippel (JD ‘21), Madisyn Kellough (JD ‘20), Vikrant Sunderlal Chandel (JD ‘21)
Developed For: Texas Rio Grande Legal Aid

The New York Restaurant Paycheck Checker

This project, the New York Restaurant Paycheck Checker is an application that permits any restaurant employee in New York State with access to a computer or smartphone to accurately determine if they are being paid fair legal wages. The app asks a few questions about an employee’s job and hours and then provides a full detailed line by line report of their due earnings along with explanations of the applicable law and permits the employee to generate a NYS Department of Labor Claim Form for Unpaid Wages.

Team Members: Martin E. Connor, Jr. (JD ‘20)
Developed For: Brooklyn Law School BLIP Clinic

Next Steps Advisor

Following an initial interaction with the Yolo County Superior Court’s Self-Help Center, the Next Steps Advisor provides domestic violence self-represented litigants the next steps specific in their domestic violence restraining order case in Yolo County.

Team Members: Alison Corn (JD ‘20)
Developed For: Yolo County Superior Court

i-Claim: Bushfire Insurance Help

The i-Claim app guides users through the complicated insurance process. It breaks the process into three stages: claim preparation, claim lodgement, and outcome options. i-Claim helps users by providing information in an easily digestible format, using animations and clear, concise language. It allows users to securely store their important documents in one place. It also generates and sends letters to insurers and the financial authority, helping users draft and lodge claims and complaints.

i-Claim simplifies and streamlines the insurance process, supporting bushfire victims at every stage of their claim. As a free and independent resource, i-Claim empowers its users to recover and rebuild.

Team Members: Brittany Baker (JD ‘20), Eva Carroll (JD ‘20), Sverre Gunnersen (JD ‘19), Wesley Yu (JD ‘21)
Developed For: Victoria Legal Aid