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NAVIGATOR helps people required to register after conviction determine how to comply with Illinois law. The app features a GPS-driven map that determines where such a person can live, work, and travel. The app also informs them of these laws and which barriers may apply in their case, and connects them to resources and a user community.

Team Members: Nada Elrafei, Riana Freedman, Anna Siegel, and Eoin Whitney
Developed For: The Illinois Work Group on Public Conviction Registries

The Community Navigator Issue Spotting Tool helps community navigators in Hawai’i identify legal issues in their communities. It provides navigators with information for various legal organizations based on issue type and location. Additionally, the app stores user data so the organization can track the success of the Community Navigator program.

Team Members: Natalia Benitez, Jack Silverman, and Harry Shen
Developed For: Legal Aid Society of Hawai’i

The Legal Check Up helps identify potential legal concerns for cancer patients in an attempt to provide a more comprehensive approach to healthcare. The questions cover the most common legal concerns that patients experience and the responses provide social workers with information to connect patients with the appropriate legal services.

Team Members: Younus Alam, Kyle Everett, Laura Ashley Harris, and Temesgen Woldezion
Developed For: The Georgetown University Health Justice Alliance Law Clinic

The Whitman-Walker Name Change App helps D.C. adults who identify as transgender or gender-expansive change their legal names. The app transforms a lengthy, confusing process into a convenient, time-saving experience by populating three forms: a Name Change Petition, a Fee Waiver Request, and a Motion to Seal their Petition.

Team Members: Laura Hillsman, Daniel Kim, Steven Pappas, and Anna L. Stone
Developed For: Whitman-Walker Health Legal Services Program

The Women’s Law Navigator app helps victims of abuse obtain information on seeking relief. It consists of three categories: Safety resources and referrals to shelters; a place to diagnose their legal issue and direct them to relevant portions of the website; and a place to help them understand court processes.

Team Members: April Paredes, Caroline Shipman, Clara Troyer, and Yustina Zakhary
Developed for: National Network to End Domestic Violence –

The Texas Legal Services App provides users looking to clear their criminal history a tool to determine whether they are eligible for expunction and/or a nondisclosure order. The app asks a series of questions and tells users their eligibility and what type of expunction or nondisclosure best suits their needs.

Team Members: Kristen Friel, Anna Schamberg, Socrates Boutsikaris, and Zakari Hassanaly
Developed for: The Texas Legal Services Center