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Professor Baker's lecture helped me better understand the structure of the U.S. government and the workings of this great nation. It has also given me new insights on many frequently used terms like "democracy" and "majoritarian tyranny." This was certainly a refreshing and inspiring learning experience.

So Nga Ki, Suki, LL.B. (Tsinghua University)


清华大学的Suki (2014)

I took this course with Professor Baker in 2010 at The University of Hong Kong. His passion for Chinese culture and his profound knowledge of Common Law impressed me greatly. In his class, I not only learnt the basic rules of American Common Law and U.S. Constitution, but most importantly the course also laid a firm foundation for my studies in the United States two years later. Through his class, I realized for the first time that you need to have unlimited passion and put enormous effort in learning the law and working as a lawyer.

Li Ju, Dawn, Juris Master Peking University, LL.M. (U.C. Hastings College of Law).

我于2010年在香港大学与贝克教授一起修读这门课程。 他对中国文化的热情和他对普通法的深刻了解给我留下了深刻的印象。 在他的班上,我不仅学习了美国普通法和美国宪法的基本规则,更重要的是,这一课程为我在美国两年后的学习奠定了坚实的基础。 通过他的课,我第一次意识到,你需要有无限的激情,付出巨大的努力学习法律和律师工作。   

李菊,黎明,北京大学法学硕士。 (美国黑斯廷斯法学院)


When I signed up for this program, I mostly looked forward to meeting Justice Alito, however, this program has given me so much more than that.  Dr. Baker's lectures were excellent and we visited so many institutions in two weeks that even though I will be pursuing a J.D. in the future, I don't think I will get such a great opportunity to  understand the U.S. Constitution in such a unique way."

Wang Shuolong, Simon, Zhejiang University


浙江大学 Simon同学(2016)


                 Benefits of the Program for Students Applying to Graduate School                 in the United States

I was admitted by the Georgetown LL.M program in January 2017. Participating in the U.S. Constitution and American Economy Summer Program introduced me to the U.S. Constitution and legal system, and evoked my passion for further education at Georgetown. During the LL.M application process, the experience in the summer program really helped me think through the reasons for applying, and has formed my uniqueness among all the competitors.

Jiarui Li (Tsinghua Law School) 

我于2017年1月被乔治城大学LL.M项目录取。"美国宪法与经济"暑期项目不仅使我学习了美国宪法和美国法律体系,也激发了我在乔治城进一步学习的热情。  在申请LL.M的阶段,参加暑期项目的经历对我在申请中理清思路的帮助非常大,同时也使我在所有申请者中更加独特。 


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