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Travel Information

Flying to Washington, D.C.

Participants should fly into Ronald Reagan National Airport (DCA) or Dulles International Airport (IAD).  Direct international flights will come into Dulles because Reagan National Airport is only for domestic flights, but you can fly into Reagan by having a connection flight from some other international airport in the United States.  We suggest you fly into Reagan National Airport because it is closer to the city. 

Please do NOT buy your plane ticket until you have received notification of acceptance into the program and have acquired your travel visa.  If you have not received confirmation that your application has been received within a week of submitting it, please contact the Program Administrator (


参加者应飞往罗纳德·里根国家机场(DCA)或杜勒斯国际机场(IAD)。直航国际航班将进入杜勒斯,因为里根国家机场只用于美国国内航班,但你可以飞往里根,通过从美国其他国际机场进入的连接航班。 我们建议飞到更近的的里根国家机场.


Transportation from the Airport to the Hotel

The program will be arranging a bus that will make one stop at each of these airports on the evening of Saturday July 15, 2017 to pick up participants and take them to the hotel.  If you are not arriving on Saturday July 15th, please contact the Program Administrator (


该计划将安排一辆公共汽车,将在2017年7月15日星期六晚上在这些机场中的每一个停靠,收取参与者并带他们到酒店。 如果您未在7月15日星期六抵达,请与计划管理员联系。 ( 


This year, participants will be staying at the Hyatt Regency.  The hotel is located very near to Georgetown University Law Center.  The address is 400 New Jersey Ave. NW, Washington, D.C., 20001.

酒店 今年,该计划的所有参与者将在华盛顿特区酒店。酒店非常靠近乔治城大学法律中心。地址是400 New Jersey Ave. NW,Washington,D.C. 20001。  

Travel Visa

Upon acceptance to the program, necessary documentation for the visa application process for travel to the United States will be provided by the Georgetown Center for the Constitution. Participants will be coming to the U.S. under a tourist visa.  Once you receive the necessary documentation, please apply for your visa promptly.



Health Insurance

Participants should apply for their own health insurance. The Law Center and the Center for the Constitution will not be responsible for medical or dental expenses incurred by students during the operation of the program.  Upon acceptance, information will be provided about some possible health insurance providers.


参加者需要申请自己的健康保险。法律中心和宪法中心将不负责学生在方案执行期间发生的医疗或牙科费用。 项目录取后,将会提供关于一些健康保险提供者的信息。

What to Pack

Upon acceptance to the program, participants will be provided with information about the dress code for the program so that you can pack accordingly.



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