ARCP Inmate Orders

The Georgetown Law Journal Annual Review of Criminal Procedure (ARCP) has become a widely used resource for inmates and their attorneys. The Office of Journal Administration is happy to continue to provide men and women in correctional facilities, as well as District Attorneys and correctional facility libraries, with a special program for the purchase of the ARCP at a discounted rate. Please note the following when making your purchase. 

How to Order: 

  1.  Download the inmate order form here.
  2.  Type or print clearly all fields on the form. 
  3.  Mail the completed order form with payment to:

     Office of Journal Administration – ARCP
     Georgetown Law
     PO Box 382
     Congers, NY 10920

  4.  Fax the completed order form with payment (credit card orders only) to: 845.267.3478

**Having trouble downloading our order form? Email us and we can send a copy to you! **


Call Customer Service for inquiries related to inmate subscriptions at: 202.662.9457  
To contact our office for other subscription inquiries, please use this form.

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The retail rate for the most recent edition of this publication is now $85 (including shipping and handling), and the inmate discount price is $25 (including shipping and handling). We are required to collect tax on orders shipping to the following states: Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, New York, Tennessee, and Washington, DC. The tax amount is not included in our subscription price. We ask that exact payment, including tax, be remitted upon submission of your order. This ensures faster and more efficient processing of your order request. 
There are NO REFUNDS for orders placed at the discounted rate. 

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All inmate orders are shipped via the United States Postal Service, and will take approximately 6–8 weeks for delivery. Every correctional institution has their own rules and regulations regarding mail and packages. While we do our best to comply with the regulations of each facility, we cannot make any guarantees that orders will be received by the inmate or in the expected time frame. Therefore, claims for orders not received will be at our discretion and handled on a case-by-case basis. If you know of any special requirements (an invoice or receipt being required), for packages and mail, please contact the Office of Journal Administration or make a note of the requirements directly on the order form.
Expedited Shipping: We are now accepting expedited shipping for inmate orders. Expedited orders can be shipped either via USPS Priority Mail Flat Rate (1–3 days) or USPS Priority Express (1 day). The price will be added to your subscription price. We cannot process refunds for shipping charges. All other expedited mail providers can be made using the customer’s UPS, FedEx, or DHL account. Please verify the use of these mail providers, prior to placing your order with the correctional facility.
All expedited orders must be coordinated with Customer Service. To place an expedited order, please contact Customer Service either by email or phone 202.662.9457.

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Frequently Asked Questions 

  1. Is the Annual Review of Criminal Procedure hard back?
    No, all of our publications are soft-cover journals. 
  2. I ordered the ARCP for an inmate, and it was never delivered. How can I file a claim for the undelivered journal?
    If the order was not received 2 weeks after the approximate delivery time frame of 6–8 weeks, please contact Customer Service with your complete order information.Claims for orders placed at the discounted rate are evaluated on a case-by-case basis, and are not guaranteed to be honored. For orders placed at regular retail rate, please view our journal claims procedure on our Subscription Policy page.  
  3. I ordered the ARCP for an inmate, but the inmate was relocated before receiving the issue. Will the ARCP be forwarded to the new location?
    No. Typically, the journal copies are returned to our office. We will reship only if/when the original copy is returned to our office and the inmate or someone on their behalf can verify their new address. Please contact Customer Service for more information.  
  4. May I track my order?
    USPS tracking numbers can be made available upon request, typically 1–2 weeks after your order has been processed. Please contact Customer Service for tracking details. 
  5. The inmate no longer requires the ARCP. May I return it for a refund?
    No, refunds are not available for discounted purchases. 
  6. I cannot afford the $25 rate ; do you have older copies available for less?
    Yes, the 2011 Edition is available for $15. Please contact Customer Service for pricing and availability for the 2011 Edition.  
  7. May I buy more than one edition?
    Of course! Please verify the maximum number of books permitted within the correctional facility prior to making you purchase. 
  8. I ordered the wrong edition. May I exchange it for the correct one?
    Exchanges can be made. The original copy must be returned, at the users expense, in mint condition. The 2011 Edition and Editions prior to 2011 can be exchanged for one another. Any Editions published after 2012 can be exchanged for one another. This is true for orders placed at regular retail rate and the reduced inmate rate. Please contact Customer Service for more information.
  9. I am an indigent inmate. How can I obtain a free copy?
    Please contact Customer Service for information regarding complimentary copies of the ARCP for indigent inmates.  
  10. Are copies donated to prison libraries?  
    Please contact Customer Service for information regarding complimentary copies of the ARCP to prison libraries. 
  11. Can I pre-order for the next edition for an inmate?
    Yes, pre-orders can be made close to the expected publication date usually sometime in July. Please keep in mind that our expected publication date is not a guaranteed publishing date. Contact Customer Service immediately if there are any changes to the recipient’s address.

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