Brief Bio

Dr. Ido Baum is currently vice dean of the Haim Striks Law School. Dr. Baum specializes in civil procedure, securities regulation and corporate governance, law and economics, and media law. He is a summa cum laude doctoral graduate from an international program in the field of economic law analysis at the Law and Economics Institute at Hamburg University, Germany. “I believe that combining different disciplines with law is a significant advantage in the job market, as well as an empowering studying experience. Combined knowledge provides a multi-disciplinary understanding of the world around us, and the revolutions it undergoes”, says Dr. Baum, alluding to his unique career in government and media organizations. “When I started my military service, I was accepted to Galei Zahal (IDF Radio). After completing my journalist qualification course, I served as a reporter at the station’s news department, and like any other reporter, I hoped to receive a coverage field. Eventually, I was covering the field of police and courts in Tel-Aviv area. Without any legal knowledge, I had to quickly handle legal hearings, arrest detentions, suspects, criminals, and attorneys. As an observer, I became familiar with the criminal world, and the struggle to enhance the rule of law in Israel. I wanted to learn more about it. This was why I chose to study law, and later on to combine my legal career with media roles and with academia”.

Courses taught at CTLS

  • Media and Telecommunications Law from a Transnational Perspective (Spring 2014)
  • Transnational Perspectives on Corporate Governance and Securities (Spring 2014)