Harrison Institute services

 Range of services

The services most frequently requested by our clients include:

  • Manage a strategic planning process
  • Analyze limits on lawmaking authority
  • Analyze policy options at all levels - local, state, federal and international
  • Draft policy proposals including model legislation, agency rules and association policies
  • Organize public hearings and present testimony
  • Prepare policy briefs and web pages for public education
  • Train community leaders and build capacity of their institutions
  • Create the legal structure for an association or network
  • Make presentations to conferences

Focus on federalism

State governments represent local needs; they spend federal money; they regulate most services; they link local and global interests. They are big enough to affect national policy, yet they are flexible enough to adapt and experiment with policies that often paralyze Congress and federal agencies. Regardless of party, issue, or geography, our clients are passionate about using and preserving the role of states as laboratories of democracy. We therefore focus on state innovation as a catalyst for national policy and, increasingly, on federalism as a model for international relations and standard setting.

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