Campus Ministry Retreat Attendees

Mission Statement

In the Jesuit tradition of “care for the whole person,” Georgetown’s campus ministers continue a centuries-old tradition of providing pastoral care for students, faculty, and staff. As the nation’s oldest Catholic university, Georgetown not only ministers to Catholics, but also to all students. Georgetown’s Campus Ministry challenges its students, faculty, and staff to exercise their spirit, as well as their body, heart, and intellect.

Our Chaplains and Staff

The Campus Ministry team includes outstanding chaplains from across faith traditions. Working together, they provide counsel and support for all Georgetown Law students.

Sacred Spaces

Sacred spaces on campus reflect the community's diverse faith traditions and create spaces to gather and to contemplate.

Prayer & Worship Services

Catholic Services
Jewish Prayer & Study
Muslim Prayer
Protestant Worship


Regular events help the Georgetown Law community reflect on questions of faith and purpose in the pursuit of justice. Offerings by appointment help individual community members explore their personal spiritual journey.


Campus Ministry offers a number of retreats throughout the year, allowing participating community members to reflect on the larger questions and enduring principles that guide their lives.

Interested in Becoming a Jesuit?

Rev. Paul Rourke, S.J., is always happy to talk with members of the Georgetown community about the Jesuit journey.