Centers & Institutes

Where Law Meets Policy

Georgetown Law is a place where those who want to use their understanding of the law to help shape the future of our country and our world find a home.

Each of our 20+ Centers and Institutes is its own hub of expertise, a lab for analyzing and refining a certain slice of policy, from public health to international economics to human rights to technology. Our professors and staff testify before Congress, advise federal agencies, publish research, write policy briefs, and shape public opinion through media commentary. We convene panels and conferences that draw luminaries from across the globe to our campus. And our students have front-row seats and hands-on roles for all of it, ensuring they are prepared to shape the future.

Alumni Profile

"Joining the global community of O’Neill Institute health law experts has been a great privilege. It has afforded me lifelong friends, professional opportunities, and access to world-class expertise."