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Faculty name: Seth P. Waxman

Note: This bibliography changes the order of authors so that Georgetown authors are listed first.

Contributions to Law Reviews and Other Scholarly Journals

  • Seth P. Waxman, Maureen Mahoney, Drew S. Days III, Walter E. Dellinger III & Theodore Olson, Solicitors General Panel on the Legacy of the Rehnquist Court, 74 Geo. Wash. L. Rev. 1171-1190 (2006).    [HEIN] [W] [Gtown Law]
  • Seth P. Waxman, Remarks of Seth P. Waxman at the Memorial Observance for Justice Byron R. White, United States Supreme Court, 52 Cath. U. L. Rev. 973-980 (2003).    [HEIN] [W] [Gtown Law]
  • Seth P. Waxman, Walter E. Dellinger III, Barbara D. Underwood & Michael R. Dreeben, Rex E. Lee Conference on the Office of the Solicitor General of the United States: Clinton II Panel, 2003 BYU L. Rev. 128-152.    [HEIN] [W] [Gtown Law]
  • Seth P. Waxman, Charles Fried, Kenneth W. Starr, Drew S. Days III & Walter E. Dellinger III, Rex E. Lee Conference on the Office of the Solicitor General of the United States: Panel for Former Solicitors General, 2003 BYU L. Rev. 153-183.    [HEIN] [W] [Gtown Law]
  • Seth P. Waxman & Trevor W. Morrison, What Kind of Immunity? Federal Officers, State Criminal Law, and the Supremacy Clause, 112 Yale L.J. 2195-2259 (2003).    [HEIN] [W] [SSRN]
  • Seth P. Waxman, Federalism, Law Enforcement, and the Supremacy Clause: The Strange Case of  Ruby Ridge, 51 U. Kan. L. Rev. 141-153 (2002).    [HEIN] [W] [Gtown Law]
  • Seth P. Waxman, Rebuilding Bridges: The Bar, the Bench, and the Academy, 150 U. Pa. L. Rev. 1905-1913 (2002).    [HEIN] [W]
  • Seth P. Waxman, Defending Congress, 79 N.C. L. Rev. 1073-1088 (2001).    [HEIN] [W] [Gtown Law]
  • Seth P. Waxman, Does the Solicitor General Matter?, 53 Stan. L. Rev. 1115-1126 (2001).    [HEIN] [W]
  • Seth P. Waxman, In the Shadow of Daniel Webster: Arguing Appeals in the Twenty-First Century, 3 J. App. Prac. & Process 521-531 (2001).    [HEIN] [W] [Gtown Law]
  • Seth P. Waxman, The Physics of Persuasion: Arguing the New Deal, 88 Geo. L.J. 2399-2419 (2000).    [HEIN] [W]
  • Seth P. Waxman, Twins at Birth: Civil Rights and the Role of the Solicitor General, 75 Ind. L.J. 1297-1315 (2000).    [HEIN] [W] [Gtown Law]

Selected Contributions to Other Publications

  • Seth P. Waxman, In the Shadow of Daniel Webster, Fed. Law., Dec. 2000, at 48-51.    [HEIN] [W]

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