In addition to research help, the Law Library provides many services to help members of the Georgetown Law community study, learn, and work.

Past Exams

Current law faculty and students have access to the last five years of Past Exams that the Law Library has received from the Registrar’s Office.

Study Space

Patrons can utilize the Law Library’s Noise Zones (Quiet Zones, Collaborative Zones, and Community Zones) to find a study space that meets their needs. Law students can reserve a study room on the 3rd, 4th, or 5th floors of the EBW Law Library Building. In addition, qualifying law students may apply for an assignable research carrel or research shelf.

Borrowing Materials

Faculty, students, and staff may use the catalog to have books placed on a hold shelf for pickup, borrow books and materials from the library, and utilize our interlibrary loan service to obtain materials from other libraries.

Printing, Copying, & Scanning

Current law students, faculty, and staff have access to the printer/copier stations managed by Auxiliary Business Services. The Law Library also provides self-service scanners free of charge for all patrons.

Computers and Technology

Computers are available throughout the library. The Computer Learning Center (CLC) located on the second floor of the library within the main Reading Room is a room used as a classroom for hand-on teaching that is available for research whenever classes are not in session.

Faculty Resources

Our Faculty Resources page is an excellent place to find more information on how Georgetown Law Faculty can request research, scholarship, and teaching support.