Saba is an Ethiopian-American who grew up in Ethiopia, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and the U.S.A. Saba fluently speaks Amharic and English.

Saba comes to Georgetown after five years of teaching middle and high school students in Uganda and Guatemala. Saba taught Physical Education, English/Language Arts and Social Studies. She also coordinated and managed a range of extra-curricular activities such as Model United Nations, KPOP and ISAAK soccer.

During her time at Georgetown, Saba hopes to develop skills to address various forms of interlocking oppressions. She is interested in learning how rhetoric and reform have provided for the guise of progress and how the white and wealthy have been able to preserve white supremacy through seemingly neutral policies and laws. In addition to learning about how Black folks have been weathered, excluded and harmed by past and current systems, Saba hopes to draw on the wisdom of our ancestors and current movements on how to best practice resilience, resistance and healing.

In her free time, Saba enjoys reading memoirs, getting tattoos and spending time with her family.