Location: Hotung Faculty Dining Room
Date: October 24, 2022
Organized by Georgetown Law’s Institute of International Economic Law

Join us for the second session of our “Erasing the AND” series.  For too long, issues like development, gender, labor, environment, and health have been viewed as “add-ons” to trade policy.  This series reimagines trade law and policy in a way that puts these issues at the center of the discussion.

Our second “Erasing the AND” will focus on trade and climate change. There is a growing interest in carbon pricing and carbon border adjustments (CBAs) as a policy tool to protect economies that pursue relatively aggressive climate policies, while also encouraging broader international adoption of such strategies. During the discussion, our panelists will explore the issues stemming from such policies, and the different approaches around the world for setting prices of carbon emissions that are both effective and equitable.

The event will feature a panel discussion between Maureen Hinman, Co-founder and Chairman of Silverado Policy Accelerator and Matt Porterfield, Vice-President for Policy Research at the Climate Leadership Council, with CITD Co-Directors, Profs. Katrin Kuhlmann and Jennifer Hillman.