Samuel Dash Conference on Human Rights

The institute's largest annual event, the Samuel Dash Conference on Human Rights honors the legacy of long-time Georgetown Law professor Sam Dash—a tireless advocate whose human rights career spanned half a century.

Small Places, Close to Home: Human Rights in the United States

For many people, “human rights” connotes the struggle for freedom and dignity in other countries, often in the context of major geopolitical or ideological contests. But that misses the essential wisdom and power of the human rights idea: that respect for the inherent dignity of every individual—and protection of their human rights—begins in “small places, close to home.”

Storytelling for Social Change: A Human Rights Film Series

Film has the power to transform entrenched narratives and catalyze social change. The Institute's film series, Storytelling for Social Change, explores the film medium and its potential for mobilizing action to advance human rights and social justice.

Robert F. Drinan, S.J. Lecture on Human Rights

Father Robert F. Drinan was a professor at Georgetown Law from 1981 until his death in January 2007. He was a priest, scholar, lawyer, politician, activist, ethicist and one of the nation’s leading advocates for international human rights. Each year, Georgetown Law appoints a distinguished human rights advocate as the Drinan Chair in Human Rights and invites him or her to our community to teach, lecture, and mentor students for one year.