In 2013, Georgetown Law established the Human Rights Institute Dash-Muse Teaching Fellowship. The Dash-Muse Teaching Fellow works closely with HRI leadership to conceptualize and implement all Institute programs.

The Dash-Muse Teaching Fellow works closely with HRI faculty to develop, teach, and supervise students in the year-long Human Rights Advocacy in Action Practicum. Practicum projects are co-designed with human rights NGOs and seek to advance human rights at the domestic or international level. The fellow, faculty, and students travel during Week One in January to conduct in-country fact-finding or other fieldwork.

The fellow also supports HRI leadership with other Institute programs and events, including by: developing the Human Rights Associates Program; providing academic and career advice to students interested in human rights; organizing human rights conferences and events; supporting the campus human rights community; engaging with the Institute’s human rights alumni network; maintaining strong ties to human rights practitioners; and supporting the Institute’s efforts to create human rights fellowship opportunities for graduating students.

The Fellow also participates in a year-long clinical law pedagogy course led by the nation’s leading law school clinical professors. The Fellow also writes and produces human rights-related scholarship and, upon completion of the fellowship term, is awarded an LL.M. degree in Advocacy.

Current and Former Fellows